Unofficial: About 10,000 GMC Hummer EV Trucks Have Been Preordered

image: GMC Hummer – prototype shown

According to this Detroit Free Press report, GMC dealers say that about half of GMC stores in the United States are signed up to sell the new Hummer EV trucks. GMC has received about 10,000 pre-orders for Edition 1 (launch edition) of the truck. Dealerships that plan to sell the new Hummer trucks and SUVs are expected to invest up to $140,000 to updates their stores. Here are all the details.

The upcoming GMC Hummer is an all-electric battery-powered truck. The Edition 1 represents the ultimate in performance, 4×4 capability, and technology. This first model (that is supposed to be available for sale about a year from now) packs three electric motors for a total of 1,000 horsepower, a 0-60 MPH acceleration in about 3.0 seconds, height-adjustable suspension, four-wheel steering, and much more. This first model is priced at $112,595.

GMC does not officially reveal the number of preorders the company received, or what the annual Hummer EV build capacity is. However, the Detroit Free Press story quotes several unofficial accounts from the recent GMC dealership meeting. There are approximately 1,900 GMC dealerships in the U.S. About half of them are signed up to sell the Hummer trucks and the upcoming Hummer SUVs. This is not as simple as just raising your hand to sell the new Hummer trucks. The effort involves store updates, new branding, personnel training for sales and repairs, charging infrastructure, and more. This may cost up to $140,000 per dealership, according to the report.

The report also says that GMC received about 10,000 preorders for the Hummer, and this is close to the annual production capacity for the truck at the updated Factory ZERO / Detroit-Hamtramck facility. GM has invested approximately $2.2 Billion into retooling the factory to build the new battery-electric vehicles with their Ultium power systems. This will also include the yet-to-be-officially revealed Chevy Silverado EV and GMC Sierra EV trucks.