Video: Will Electric Trucks Ever Rule the Road? We Argue It Out

Which company will have the first EV truck on the market?

rivian truck tesla cybertruck ford f150 ev

On this episode of TFL Talkin’ Trucks podcast – we argue whether electric pickup trucks will ever rule the road, and which EV pickup truck will be the first to market. Here the latest information about each EV manufacturer, their known specs, and their targeted on-sale dates. This information and listing are focused on the manufacturers and trucks planned for North American sale, specifically in the United States.

This list is ordered by when these trucks are expected to reach the market. Please keep in mind that all specifications below are manufacturer estimates, and NOT numbers that are independently verified. We hope to drive and test these trucks soon.

Rivian R1T

image: Rivian

The Rivian pickup truck is first on the list because it appears to be the first to market with deliveries starting in June 2021. We do not have actual verification of this yet, so we will update this list once we reach June and/or the first customer delivery. Rivian has received significant investment (over $1.1 Billion) from several companies and entities, including Amazon and Ford.

R1T pickup (manufacturer estimates)

  • 4-motor All-wheel-drive
  • maximum range: 400 miles (with 180 kWh battery pack)
  • maximum towing: 11,000 lbs
  • maximum payload: 1,760 lbs
  • best 0-60 mph acceleration: 3.0 seconds
  • price range: $95,000 -> $67,500

GMC Hummer Truck

image: GMC

The 2022 GMC Hummer EV truck is expected to be next to reach the market near the end of 2021. GM has invested a massive amount of resources into its first all-electric pickup truck. The company reportedly kicked off this project in April 2019. It’s using an all-new Ultium chassis, platform, and drivetrain.

GMC Hummer Truck (manufacturer estimates)

  • 3-motor All-wheel-drive
  • maximum range: 350 miles (with approx. 200 kWh battery pack)
  • maximum towing: ?
  • maximum payload: ?
  • best 0-60 mph acceleration: 3.0 seconds
  • price range: $112,595 – $79,995

Tesla Cybertruck

2022 tesla cybertruck texas
image: Tesla

Tesla first showed their concept truck in November 2019. We still have not seen an updated production version of the Cybertruck, but we know that Tesla is moving on with the truck’s development. The company is building a plant near Austin, Texas that will produce the Cybertruck. Tesla says the first trucks will begin production at the very end of 2021, but people who made reservations for the truck still have not been able to order the exact options. Reservation holders also have not been able to see a production version of the truck.

Tesla Cybertruck (manufacturer estimates)

  • 3-motor All-wheel-drive
  • maximum range: 500 miles
  • maximum towing: 14,000 lbs
  • maximum payload: ?
  • best 0-60 mph acceleration: 2.9 seconds
  • price range (starting): $69,900 – $39,900

Bollinger B2

2022 bollinger b2 electric truck alpha build
image: Bollinger

Bollinger came on the scene in July 2017. This is a relatively small start-up company that is focused on heavy-duty off-road electric trucks and SUVs. The company currently states that production will begin in late 2021. I am putting Bollinger after Tesla because of the overall size and age of the company.

Bollinger B2 (manufacturer estimates)

  • 2-motor All-wheel-drive
  • maximum range: 200 miles (142 kWh battery)
  • maximum towing: 7,500 lbs
  • maximum payload: 5,001 lbs
  • best 0-60 mph acceleration: 4.5 seconds
  • price range: $125,000

Ford F-150 Lightning

2023 ford f-150 lightning ev electric
image: Ford

Ford recently announced the addition of the all-electric F-150 Lightning to their truck lineup. This truck is expected to start production in the spring of 2022. We do not have detailed specifications yet, but we will know more in the evening of May 19, 2021.

We will update this list once we have more details.

Lordstown Endurance

image: Lordstown

The Lordstown company is part of the Workhorse company group. The company’s first vehicle is the Endurance pickup truck. The company is still listing the truck as a 2021 model, but recent confidence in the delivery of this truck has been a poor performance of their race prototype truck in the San Felipe 250 race in Baja Mexico. It is my opinion that we will not a customer delivery of the Lordstown Endurance vehicles before 2022, perhaps much later. We will continue to closely monitor this truck’s development for updates.

Lordstown Endurance (manufacturer estimates)

  • 4-hub-motor All-wheel-drive
  • maximum range: 250 miles (109 kWh)
  • maximum towing: 7,500 lbs
  • maximum payload: ?
  • best 0-60mph acceleration: ?
  • price range (starting): $52,500


Image: ATLIS

The ATLIS Motor Vehicles company took their electric HD truck idea public in May 2018. The ATLIS XT electric pickup truck is currently under development. ATLIS says their first “Buck” prototype truck will be shown soon. The company has shown its battery charging capability on smaller size batteries before. ATLIS says that their first trucks will begin production and truck deliveries in early 2022. It is my opinion that this is still a very aggressive timeline for the company.

ATLIS XT (manufacturer estimates)

  • All-wheel-drive
  • maximum range: 500 miles
  • maximum towing: 17,000 lbs
  • maximum payload: ?
  • best 0-60mph acceleration: ?
  • price range (starting): $78,000 – $45,000

Chevrolet SilvErado

chevy silverado ev 1500
Image: Chevrolet

Chevrolet recently announced their plan to build an-electric Chevy Silverado pickup truck. The company did not release any official images of the truck or an expected delivery date. Chevrolet said there will be commercial and consumer versions of the truck and that they are targeting a maximum driving range of 400 miles. We will update this list once we learn more about this.

Canoo Truck

Image: Canoo

California-based Canoo company has announced their plans to build and sell a pickup truck version of their electric van platform. The company has plans to build passenger EVs, commercial EV vans, and this pickup truck. Canoo says that preorders for the truck will open in Q2 2021, but the vehicle will likely be delivered a couple of years from now. Canoo is estimating the payload at 1,800 lbs, AWD capability, and maximum driving range of 250+ miles.

What about the other pickup truck manufacturers? Ram and Nissan have not specified an all-electric pickup truck strategy for the U.S. market at this time. Toyota only said that electrified and all-electric trucks are coming in the near future. As soon as we learn more, we will let you know.

Will any of these EV truck be viable to current truck buyers? This will all depend on charging times, and the charging infrastructure. We will keep updating this list as we get more information about charging capabilities and other specifications.

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