Is this a 2022 Toyota Tundra Hybrid V6 Testing in the Cold?

2022 toyota tundra hybrid v6
(images: Hunter Wraspir)

Here is another close look at what appears to be a next-generation 2022 Toyota Tundra prototype truck. This one was captured undergoing cold-weather testing in northern Minnesota. This is a crew cab truck with what could be a 5.5-ft bed. The prototype has the rear suspension obscured by lots of extra camouflage. It may be hiding a five-link coil spring rear suspension.

There are many rumors floating around that suggest that Toyota is switching to a gas/electric hybrid powertrain that uses a twin-turbo gas V6. We do not have any official word from Toyota about this yet. The maximum power output is expected to be in the 450-500 horsepower range.

The six-lug hubs and large tires should be able to support far higher payloads and towing capacity than the current 2021 Tundra. We do not know exactly the next Toyota Tundra will have a world debut, but we hope it’s soon.