Video: Supercharged Ford Super Duty – Watch Me Launch It with a 15,000 Lbs Trailer!

It's about time the 7.3L Godzilla V8 gets supercharged!

2021 ford super duty f250 supercharged godzilla v8 7.3L 5startuning
Ford F-250 by 5 Star Tuning and ProCharger

Raptor who? Check out this supercharged 7.3L V8 Ford Super Duty! This is the first supercharger for the big v8 that’s available for sale. The belt-driver supercharger is from ProCharger, and the custom tuning is done by our friends at 5 Star Tuning. We put this F-250 on the dyno, compare the truck’s 0-60 MPH acceleration versus an all stock 7.3L V8 truck, and launch it fully loaded with a 15,000 lbs trailer! Here are all the results.

Dyno Testing

supercharged 7.3L gas v8 dyno graph sheet results

This truck is set up with a centrifugal belt-driven supercharger with an intercooler, which functions like a turbocharger. Why not use a twin-screw type of supercharger that sits on top of the engine? One of these is not available for sale yet. I traveled to South Carolina to put this F-250 to the test. The truck you see here is using an 8-psi pulley. The guys at 5 Star Tuning tell me that this is the most efficient way of creating maximum power and managing heat. The result is 583 horsepower and 594 lb-ft of torque at the wheel. Assuming a rough 15% drivetrain loss, this is equivalent to 670+ hp and 683 lb-ft of torque at the crank. This is an increase of about 233 hp and 187 lb-ft over a stock engine. These results are based on 93-octane and custom programming from 5 Star Tuning. The guys are also working on 91-octane and 87-octane supercharger programs.

The system is also available with 4-psi or 6-psi pulleys. These produce less power, but not by much. If you want extra power and you are towing trailers on a regular basis, then a 6-psi or a 4-psi may be a solution for you.

0-60 MPH

An 8-psi supercharged F-250 like this drives like a MUCH smaller truck. This 7,000 lbs 4×4 truck may as well be a tuned Ford Ranger. The truck has effortless acceleration in any condition. Naturally, I had to measure its 0-60 MPH. I measured a surprisingly quick 5.23 second 0-60 MPH at sea level (in South Carolina). This is definitely the quickest heavy duty truck that I have ever driven. I compared it against an all stock 7.3L V8 Ford F-250. The stock truck delivered an 8.23 second acceleration. The supercharged truck picks up 3 seconds!

Towing 0-60 MPH

It’s time for some torture testing! After all, this is a heavy-duty truck, so it must be able to tow heavy loads. We hitched up a big gooseneck trailer, put a lifted F-250 Tremor on top of it, and went to rack up some miles. The total trailer weight is around 15,000 lbs. This supercharged F-250 tows this trailer like a diesel heavy-duty truck. There is plenty of acceleration. Often times, it feels like the trailer is not even back there. However, the laws of physics cannot be broken. It takes longer to accelerate this total 22,000 lbs rig than just an empty truck. After several runs, I clocked in a 16.15 seconds 0-60 MPH acceleration. A later run yielded 16.01 seconds. Roughly speaking, when you triple the weight of your rig, it takes triple the time to accelerate.

Watch the video below for all the supercharged fun.