Leaked: Is This the New GMC Hummer EV SUV?

2023 gmc hummer ev suv leak
(image: hummerchat.com)

Here is a first look of what the new GMC Hummer EV SUV may look like. This image is claimed to be leaked. The image comes to us thanks to the HummerChat.com site. This appears to be an early prototype of the all-electric Hummer SUV. GMC has officially stated that the SUV will join the Hummer EV Truck in its lineup. However, the company has not released any official images of the SUV other than a teaser image.

Image: GMC

It’s not a surprise that the front of the shown SUV is very similar to that of the Hummer EV Truck that the company officially unveiled. The SUV and the Truck appear to be nearly identical from the front to the a-pillar / windshield area. The SUV is wearing unique wheels that appear to be huge. The SUV’s wheelbase and overall length appear to be significantly shorter than that of the truck.

The 2022 GMC Hummer EV truck is expected to go on sale in later 2021 (about a year from now) with the first Launch Edition pricing of just over $112,000.