How Is This Possible: A Motorhome is Towing a Monster Truck on a Gooseneck Trailer!

When you must bring your BIG toys!

international motorhome rv towing gooseneck mxt

We recently received a few images of this Freightliner Motorhome coach towing a lifted International MXT monster truck behind it. This is a very impressive rig, but one thing really caught our eye! This motorhome is towing a gooseneck trailer behind it. It’s towing it with what appears to be a bumper-pull or a tag-along hitch.

The Freightliner chassis motorhome should be able to handle the overall weight of the trailer just fine. These coaches usually have a “mega” duty hitch in the back that can be rated between 20,000 – 30,000 lbs of capacity. This can be a hitch receiver and/or a pintle hitch attachment. In any case, it needs to be able to hook up to the gooseneck trailer somehow.

The lifted International MXT truck may weigh at least 11,000 lbs. Then you have to consider the weight of the trailer. The total trailer load may be approaching 20,000 lbs. This translates to a lot of tongue weight, hence the visible suspension squat on the motorhome.

Here is another look at this rig, but we still do not have a clear view of the hitch setup. How do you think this gooseneck trailer is attached to the motorhome?

Here is our recent video comparing two types of luxury motorhome coaches: a Class-A “bus” motorhome and a Super-C truck motorhome. While both styles of motorhomes are very capable, the front-engine semi-truck configuration of the “Super-C” is a little better at towing heavy trailers because the engine and the radiators are at the front – where all the fresh air hits it.

Here is our encounter with a more-or-less standard International MXT truck in Colorado.