Sales Report: Ram Trucks Outsell Chevy in Q3 2020 – Ford F-Series Trucks Are Outsold by Silverado and Sierra Combined

Will the truck world turn upside down soon?

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Full-size truck sales report (Q3 2020)

The full-size truck market is more competitive than ever in the United States. Ram trucks outsells the Chevy Silverado lineup by a considerable margin. GMC sales are doing very well. All GM collectively sold more full-size trucks this year than the Ford F-Series. Ford truck still remain number in Q3 2020 sales.

Truck sales results roll in amid tough economic times. Many dealers are still seeing strong demand for pickup trucks, but they are limited by the supply of new trucks. The manufacturers are still trying to recover from the Covid-19 factory shutdowns earlier this year. This is not just related to the assembly plants. This is affected by all staged of manufacturing: from the raw metal and materials to parts and accessory suppliers.

The table below is ordered by Q3 2020 sales results. It also shows combined GM truck sales.

Full-size Truck Sales: Q3 2020

ModelQ3 2020Q3 2019 %YTD 2020YTD 2019 %
Ford F-Series221,6473.5%589,034-11.1%
GM Trucks* (Chevy + GMC)215,296-2.9%589,2952.3%
Ram Trucks156,157-3%402,410-13%
-> Chevy Silverado-> 147,484-5.1%414,6500.6%
-> GMC Sierra-> 67,8122.4%174,6456.7%
Toyota Tundran/an/a
Nissan Titan7,207-2.4%19,403-23.6%

*- Toyota sales are not available yet. This report will be updated as soon as the data is available.

General Motors Q3 2020 Sales: By model

GM sales are broken down by truck classification. They are reporting the 1500 half-ton trucks, separately from the HD trucks, separately from the medium-duty 4500/5500/6500 trucks. Here are the latest numbers. While the “half-ton” truck lost ground as compared to Q3 of 2019, the heavy-duty trucks are surging higher. Most noteworthy is the 10.6% sales increase for the new GMC Sierra HD trucks.

ModelQ3 2020Q3 20/19 %
Chevy Silverado 1500108,203-9.6%
Chevy Silverado HD37,3229.1%
Chevy Silverado MD 4500-65001,95920.3%
GMC Sierra 150047,397-0.7%
GMC Sierra HD20,41510.6%