Nissan NV and NV200 Will Be Discontinued to Make Way For a New Strategy

The new Business Advantage plan is expanded.

2021 nissan nv cargo passenger nv200 canceled disconitnued
image: Nissan

Nissan announces a stop of production for the Nissan NV Cargo, NV Passenger, and NV200 commercial vans that will take effect in the summer of 2021. This will affect U.S. and Canadian markets. This move is part of the companies new Business Advantage plan. While the small and full-size commercial vans will be discontinued in a few months, Nissan will offer business discounts and other benefits on the rest of its renewed fleet of vehicles.

Businesses that purchase two or more new Nissan vehicles will be eligible to receive the new benefits of special financing, incentives, priority service, centralized billing, and more. Any new Nissan is eligible for this plan, anything from a Nissan Sentra, Nissan Rogue, to a Nissan Frontier and the Titan.

Nissan NV and NV200 sales did not reach the market share needed to continue. The full-size commercial van segment is currently dominated by the Ford Transit, Ram ProMaster, and Chevy Express vans. Many commercial customers prefer to purchase all of their vehicles from a single manufacturer in order to simplify service, maintenance, and billing. Given that the Nissan Titan is also struggling for sales, the business case for the NV vans continued to dwindle.

Here are the full details of the new Nissan Business Advantage plan.