Video: What’s the Best, Cheapest, and Quickest EV Truck? Hummer, Cybertruck, Rivian, Bollinger, or the F-150 Hybrid

The Hummer has less driving range than Tesla and Rivian.

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Now that we know most specifications and details about the upcoming 2022 GMC Hummer EV, how does it stack up against competition? What will it compete against? I picked three off-road worthy upcoming electric truck and a 2021 Ford F-150 Hybrid to represent the mainstream and a more affordable option. The F-150 Hybrid is expected to reach dealers this year, most of the electric trucks are at least one year away or more.

PowerTorque0-60 MPHRange
Hummer EV Ed.11,000 hp*11,500 lb-ft3.0 sec350+ mi
Tesla Cybertruck??2.9 sec500+ mi
Rivian R1T750 hp829 lb-ft3.0 sec400+ mi
Bollinger B2614 hp668 lb-ft4.5 sec200 mi
Ford F-150 Hybrid430 hp570 lb-ft?700 mi

As you can see, GMC is stating a “grounded torque” figure for the new Hummer EV. The combined motor torque multiplied by the gearing. Rivian started showing the grounded torque specs in November 2018. The other manufacturers are listing their torque figures at the engine and/or motor.

What does it all mean? Let’s hope we can continue to talk about combined motor torque and not “grounded torque” in the future. How much grounded torque does the 2021 Ford F-150 Hybrid have? The total torque output is 570 lb-ft. Now, we need to multiply it by maximum crawl ratio. The crawl ratio is: 1st gear * low-range * rear differential = (4.69 * 2.69 * 3.73) = 47.05. The total F-150 Hybrid grounded torque is: 570 lb-ft * 47.05 = 26,823 lb-ft.

PayloadBed LengthTowingG.Clearance.
Hummer EV Ed.1?5 ft?16 in
Tesla Cybertruck3,500 lbs6.5 ft14,000 lbs16 in
Rivian R1T1,760 lbs4.6 ft11,000 lbs14.5 in
Bollinger B25,000 lbs6 ft7,500 lbs15-20 in
Ford F-150 Hybrid2,210 lbs6.5 ft12,700 lbs9.4 in

Here is how the price compares!

Hummer EV Ed.1$112,595
Tesla Cybertruck$69,900
Rivian R1T$69,000
Bollinger B2$125,000
Ford F-150 Hybrid$43,485