Forgotten? Chevy S-10 Electric Truck: the New Hummer EV Is Not the First

This 1 of 60 survivor has around 12,000 miles.

chevy s-10 electric ev1 pickup truck
(image: Keith Dillman – Underappreciated Survivors Facebook Group)

You may have heard of the electric Chevy S-10 from the 1990s, but do any of them still exist? The answer is – yes, they do exist! Case in point is this 1997 Chevrolet S10 Electric pickup that Keith Dillman posted on Facebook recently. Thanks to Keith and my friend Destin Raybun for finding and presenting this nearly forgotten gem.

This was a very limited run of electric pickup trucks. According to the post, there were just 492 of these trucks produced. The power comes from GM’s EV1 electric power pack. Remember the EV1?

The S-10 Electric truck is said to be one of just 60 remaining examples. This is a front-wheel-drive configuration. The S-10 uses a 114-hp electric motor. The truck was produced between 1997-1998. There were several different battery configurations. Initially, the truck used a 16.2 kWh lead-acid battery pack. It later also had a 29 kWh Nickel-metal hydride battery system. The range varied from 33 – 72 miles depending on the battery and the type of driving. The truck is equipped with a 6.6 kW charger.

Once again, big thanks to Keith for sharing the images and the information about this rare interesting truck. In case you are wondering, Ford also offered a Ranger Electric pickup truck around the same time. However, that story is for another time.

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