Video: Yak-a-dega 500 Off-Road Rally – Our Ford F-150 “Six-Shooter” Gets a Custom Flatbed!

Fixing an old Ford and giving it a flat bed in under 30 minutes!

1990 ford f-150 straight six gas truck
Would you believe that this exquisite flatbed for our project Six Shooter Ford F-150 was built in less than 30 minutes? Yea, you probably would. (Images: TFLtruck)

We think you’ll enjoy watching this video, which includes a DIY flatbed, farm racing and yaks. I watched it twice!

There is a lot going on in this video, other than the special flatbed we fabricated for our old Ford F-150 project “Six-Shooter.” This is what happens when you let Tommy, Kase and our friend David off the leash without a specific task.

Tommy and David showcase the rolling arr that is, prject Six Shooter.

They went and inaugurated the first Yack-a-dega 500. This is an off-road rally gauntlet – on a farm. Yep, that’s “Yak-Ah-Day-Gah” 500 folks. We’re clever like that.

… David’s Yaks

Normally, our videos feature one or two subjects. This video features:

  • Ford F-150 radiator repair/replacement
  • A timed DIY flatbed conversion (the aim was for under 30-minutes)
  • Hay bale (1,200-lbs) hauling
Kase is on hand to give David pointers.
Poor kid.
  • Subaru rally racing – sort of.
  • Moto-cross – sort of.
  • Yaks
  • … and Kase’s (horrible) stunt driving in the F-150 …
We see how Kase can handle a 1,200 bale of hay on the newly built flatbed.

Obviously, it was lots of fun and a great day at the farm. We did this video for fans of our “Six-Shooter” old Ford F-150 pickup. Many of you wanted us to play around with it. Initially, we bought it as a parts truck for our project Gun Smoke, but many of you wanted us to keep it for a bit. So, we did.

If you want to read about what happened to Gunsmoke, click (here).

Tommy brought his beloved ancient Subaru. A proper rally car this is.

As for this video, I can guarantee you that you’re in for a fun ride. The rest of the crew at TFL Studios was thrilled to see our only “country boy” Kase (he’s from Georgia) do so poorly driving on the farm.

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