Camouflaged Peterbilt Semi Truck Prototype Is Spied – What Is It Hiding?

Peterbilt prototype

We don’t fully camouflaged semi trucks very often, but here is an interesting Peterbilt prototype that appears to be an update to the current 579 long haul “highway” truck.

Big thanks to ‘Mo Mo’ for sending us these images from a truck stop in New Florence, MO.

Peterbilt Truck

This prototype clearly has an updated front-end when comparing to the current Peterbilt 579. The upper grille appears to be smaller and lower. There appears to be a new grille opening inside the front bumper, and the headlights are different.

2020 peterbilt 579 long haul over the road highway
2020 Peterbilt 579

Could this prototype truck be testing a new and experimental powertrain? Could it be a diesel hybrid, a new diesel, a hydrogen fuel-cell electric, or a battery electric truck? Well, there is a sticker that says “Certified Clean Idle” on the side, so there is likely some kind of turbo-diesel under there.

One thing is for sure, this prototype has many aerodynamic components that make it low and sleek. Take a look how low the front chin / air dam is !

Here is our very first semi truck ‘Dude, I Love or Hate My New Ride!’ episode. This is a Freightliner (not a Peterbilt), but it’s a very interesting episode with our friend Dan, nonetheless.

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