Report: Nissan Will Drop The Titan And Titan XD From The Canadian Market After 2021

Nissan's half-ton contender and its 'XD' variant will live on in the U.S.

The Nissan Titan competes in a ferociously competitive world here in North America. While the automaker overhauled its half-ton offering for the 2020 model year, it’s now decided to kill the model off in the Canadian market after the 2021 model year.

In a since-removed Facebook post, a user leaked a memo from Nissan Canada’s marketing department and dealers. In the document first reported on by The Truth About Cars, Nissan Canada attributed the decision to streamlining its product lineup to achieve better retail sales growth. Specifically, the company will no longer offer Titan and Titan XD in the country after the 2021 model year. “We are currently working with our factory partners to secure a final allocation for MY21 TITAN production. This will be confirmed at a later date,” the letter said.

Nissan will discontinue the Titan in Canada after the 2021 model year, according to internal documents and subsequent statements from company spokespeople. [Photo: Nissan]

Nissan Canada later confirmed that the truck will not be sold in Canada after 2021. Instead, the company will focus more heavily on its core crossover and sedan models. A transformative plan released in May showed it would cut its global lineup by more than a dozen models and curtail its manufacturing capacity by 20 percent. To be clear, the Titan and Titan XD will remain on sale in the U.S., while the smaller Frontier will still be on sale in the Canadian market, with the next-generation model arriving there next year.

Nissan Titan market share in Canada is nearly non-existent

The news is likely sad to fans of Nissan’s efforts, but hardly surprising given the most recent sales numbers. So far in 2020, the automaker moved just 800 trucks nationwide. That marks a 53.9 percent drop from this point last year. While full-size trucks represent nearly a quarter of all new vehicle sales in Canada, the Titan and Titan XD secured just a 0.5 percent slice of that market.

Putting the Titan’s sales numbers into perspective, Ford moved 56,466 F-Series trucks in the first half of 2020. Dealers will still receive allocations for 2021 Titan models, but sales will cease north of the border after those order books close.

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