The Last of the Breed – 1996 Ford Bronco: Dude, I Love Or Hate My New Ride (Video)

This 1996 Ford Bronco is the last of its generation and a reminder of how big they once were. (Images: TFLtruck)

The 1996 Ford Bronco was the last of the fifth generation

Or friend Caleb wanted to show off his clean 1996 Ford Bronco for our Dude, I love (or hate) my new ride segment. It is an Eddie Bauer edition with a 351 Windsor V8 and a four-speed automatic transmission.

Like the all-new Bronco, the 1996 model was built in Wayne, Michigan (Michigan Assembly Plant) and it shares many of its components with other Ford trucks. Unlike the new Bronco, the old one was primarily based on the F-150. This new model will share many components with the Ford Ranger.


Most of the upgrades and aftermarket tweaks happened before Caleb went way out to Montana to retrieve his Bronco. It’s still pretty stock, other than the addition of a Warn manual locking front end hubs and BFGoodrich All Terrain KO2 tires. Caleb also added new headlights noting that the old ones barely functioned properly.

By the way, Caleb drove straight home, over 24-hours with no issues. After visiting us at Red Rocks, Colorado, Caleb is heading to Moab, UT for a little off-road adventure. It should be fun in this thing!

O.J. Stigma

It comes as no surprise that one of Caleb’s pet-peeves are comments about O.J. Simpson’s SUV of choice. Sadly, it still follows the Bronco around with snarky comments abound. Still, he seems pretty happy about the purchase and he intends to keep it for a long time. Good for you Caleb!

Check out the video.

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