Tesla, Rivian, and Nikola All Have Factories in the Works: Electric Truck Update!

You will have to wait at least until June 2021 for all EV trucks.

tesla cybertruck rivian r1t nikola badger

There is a lot of electric truck news this week! Tesla, Rivian, and Nikola all made major announcements this week. Here is all the latest.

Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla made an announcement that the company chose Austin, Texas as its newest factory location that will produce the Cybertruck, Tesla Model Y, and Tesla Model 3. We do not have many other official updates about the Cybertruck. Tesla website still says that the Cybertruck Dual-motor and Tri-motor models will begin production in late 2021. The Cybertruck RWD will begin production in late 2022.

The Cybertruck Dual-motor will have a starting price of $49,900 – according to Tesla.

Rivian R1T

rivian ev truck factory
Rivian factory

Rivian made an announcement today that its factory line in Normal, IL is now operational, and that the company is expecting to begin deliveries of its R1T electric pickup truck in June 2021. Rivian recently received another large injection of capitol investment to help get the production of the R1T, R1S, and EV vans up and running.

2021 riven r1t pickup truck electric ev
Rivian R1T (photo: Rivian)

The starting price for a Rivian R1T stands at $69,000 – according to their website.

Nikola Semi Truck / Badger

nikola semi truck factory in arizona

Nikola had a factory ground breaking ceremony this week near Coolidge, Arizona. It’s part of the company’s $600 million first phase of the project to build a factory that produces the Nikola Tre and Nikola Two hydrogen fuel-cell electric semi trucks. Nikola also has some of its Tre semi trucks built in Europe. The company says its still negotiating with several other major OEM truck manufacturers in the United States for an agreement to produce the Badger EV pickup truck. Precise timing is not yet known, but the company lists the Badger truck as a 2022 model, which suggests that production may start in 2021 or early 2022.

2022 Nikola Badger

Nikola started taking pre-orders for the Badger EV / fuel-cell hydrogen trucks. The Nikola Badger prices starts at $60,000 for an all-battery pickup truck. The truck that also offers a hydrogen fuel-cell starts at $90,000.

GMC Hummer EV

2022 gmc hummer ev new logo
The rendering is unofficial, but the HUMMER logo is.

GM is bringing back the Hummer brand with a big twist. It is coming as an GMC Hummer model, and it is all electric. The upcoming EV Hummer will have at least two configurations: a pickup truck or an SUV. The truck will have a removable roof and great 4×4 capability. The debut date is still listed on GMC.com website as “fall 2021”.

Ford F-150 Hybrid

2021 Ford F-150 Lariat

This week, we also learned that the upcoming 2021 Ford F-150 Hybrid powertrain will be a $4,495 option over the base 3.3L gas V6 engine. The final power numbers are not available yet, but Ford said the Hybrid will combine its 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 engine with an electric motor and a 10-speed automatic transmission. Total power numbers or fuel efficiency are not yet know.

The 2021 Ford F-150 Hybrid crew cab 4×4 will start at around $44,655 for the basic XL trim. Several options will take the crew cab Ford hybrid price closer to the $50,000 mark.