Small vs Large Truck On The World’s Most Beautiful Trail! No Pavement Needed – Overland Shakedown (Video)

Which is the most comfortable and capable overland rig?

2020 ford f-250 super tremor jeep gladiator rubicon white rim trail land rover discovery overland

What happens when you take a relatively small Jeep Gladiator Rubicon “Gobi Glad”, a smaller yet Land Rover Discovery “Project Heartland”, and a huge Ford F-250 “Super Tremor” on the world’s most beautiful and unpredictable trail – White Rim trail in Utah? You get the next episode of of the ‘No Pavement Needed’ video series. This time – it’s an overnight 92-mile off-road trek to shakedown the big Ford and compare our project rigs.

As always, this episode of ‘No Pavement Needed’ is brought to you by our friends at 5 Star Tuning. They have customized powertrain tuning solutions for towing, all-out performance, efficiency, or off-road performance.

If you have been following TFLtruck, you already know that we took our Gladiator project truck to Moab for some off-road fun before. The Jeep is modified with part from Jeep Performance Parts / Mopar. It rides on a 2-inch lift and 35-inch tires.

The Land Rover LR3 is mostly stock. It has an all-independent air suspension. It might be the most comfortable off-road vehicle among these three.

The “Super Tremor” is a massive overland rig with a 3-inch suspension lift and customized suspension from Carli Suspension. It rides on 37-inch tires and carries and luxurious Four Wheel Campers Hawk in the bed.

Here is what happens when we tackle the surprising and beautiful trail! Which truck is most comfortable? Which is the most capable?

All I can say is – this trail tested my nerves near the limit while driving on narrow cliff-side trails in a giant truck.