Gen-Y Executive Torsion Hitch Means Stress-Free Heavy-Duty RV Towing (Video)

Hauling a heavy 5th Wheel? Gen-Y has the hitch you want.

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The new Gen-Y Executive Torsion Hitch brings the Indiana company’s signature flexibility system to 5th-wheel and gooseneck RV trailers. Using the torsion axle pivot points and precision manufacturing, the Executive Hitch allows the RV and the truck to travel independently from each other. Click on the video above to see just how much. That means a ridiculously smooth ride for both the occupants of the truck and all the valuables being towed, such as horses, cargo, or the 70-inch big screen in the camper. In the case of our video, it’s a 39-foot 5th wheel RV with an empty weight of 14,500 pounds. The pin weight alone tops 3,100 pounds.

Gen-Y’s Simple, Strong, Durable Torsion Flex Hitch

The Gen-Y Torsion Flex relies on an idea nearly 80 years old, torsion axles. The concept allows each axle to move independently from each other. At Gen-Y, the flexibility and shock-dampening comes from squeezing four rubber rods between the bar and the torsion box’s housing (see photo below.) It’s an elegant and effective design.

Gen-Y Torsion Box
Gen-Y Torsion Box. The torsion bar in the middle is secured by four rubber rods in the corners. [image: TFL]

Easy on, easy off for 5th Wheel or Goosenecks

The Executive Torsion Hitch replaces your RV’s king pin with a longer neck, which provides more room for the torsion system to fit and operate. The length also helps out those using shorter bed trucks, by giving users back the ability to execute tighter turns since the front of the RV is now set back farther from the rear of the truck’s cab. The gooseneck version of the Executive features a one-handed, cable-activated release-and locking-mechanism that keeps hands away from heft of the pin.

Gen-Y Executive Torsion Hitch gooseneck
The Gen-Y Executive gooseneck Torsion Hitch [image: TFL]
Gen-Y Executive 5th wheel hitch
Gen-Y Executive 5th wheel Torsion Hitch [image: TFL]

On the road, even pulling 15,000 pounds, we found the ride superlative, even on rough farm roads around Indiana. As André says, “I do not feel like I am pulling a trailer.” Both versions of the Executive start at $999. And in this case you do actually enjoy what you pay for, a towing experience like no other. And in the grand scheme of costs to enter the premium RV experience, from $60,000-plus for the truck to well north of $70,000 for a top-notch RV, $1,500 to save wear-and-tear on your truck and RV is worth it.

To experience the Gen-Y torsion hitch for yourself, check out for their complete line of bumper-pull, 5th wheel, and gooseneck hitches. You can see us use a Gen-Y bumper pull with torsion flex on a Jeep Gladiator Mojave here.