This 12-Wheel BAS Kraner Is the Biggest Mobile Tower Crane Around – Dude, I Love My Ride @HomeEdition (Video)

Check out this real-life transformer.

This is a BAS Kraner crane in Denmark.
(Images: TFLtruck)

The BAS Kraner is a 72-ton crane with a 60 meter reach

In this episode of “Dude. I love (or hate) my new ride – home edition” We get to see something truly unique – a BAS Kraner. Bo, from Denmark pilots this massive vehicle and, in this video, he takes us through all the features of the crane. Aside from its immense capabilities, the BAS Kraner is a machine that can be fully operated by one person, and deployed in about 30 minutes.

The crane itself can lift a maximum of 10-tons at 13 and 1/2 meters. It has a tip load of 1.7-tons at 60 meters. According to Bo, it is one of the largest mobile cranes in the world, and he has several in his company’s fleet.

Everything from the outriggers to the erection of the crane can be done by one person.

A six axle, 12 wheel beast

He points out that, under most circumstances, these cranes are not on site just to lift heavy objects. Other vehicles can handle that, it has more to do with mobility and he states that 80-percent of all tasks do not exceed 1.5-tons. Bo states that this is where mobile cranes effective.

This is a one man operation with everything necessary to set up or take down the crane itself in about a half an hour – with just one operator.

The BAS Kraner has a counterbalance that weighs 7.3-tons. No ballast needed. It is all automatic as the big crane adjusts itself for balance. Setup and derigging take about 30-minutes, “With a push of a button.”

Yes, in this video, you will see the BAS Kraner towing a modern Ford F-150 on a flatbed. Becase – it’s cool.

We are so excited to get a video like this. Bo did an excellent job with his presentation, explaining facts and showing us how this amazing machine works. If you have a cool truck you want to show off – send it in!

Enjoy the video!

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