The Keystone Hideout RV Trailer Packs a Lot of Value for the Family: TFL Camper Corner (Video)

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This Keystone Hideout trailer is a good value

In this episode of “TFL Camper Corner,” Stephen takes us on a tour of one of the smaller Keystone Hideout trailers they offer. In fact, according to Keystone, this model is one of the smallest travel trailers out there that offers a real slide-out section. Just what we need for a family camping trip!

The full name of this unit is the Keystone Hideout 186LHS trailer and it has a dry weight of 4,185 lbs. Its 22’10” long which means it can be towed by a midsize pickup truck like the Chevrolet Colorado or many midsize SUVs. Although, with its boxy silhouette and potential for hauling a lot of camping cargo, a full-size truck may be a better choice for towing.

Image: Keystone RV

The MSRP for this unit is $25,400. While that is a good price for a trailer like this, there is a reason – according to Stephen. The interior materials and build quality are okay. That is to say, you’re getting what you pay for. Expensive woods, metals and fabrics are the domain of much more expensive trailers.

Still, it has a slide-out that is extremely useful.

Using the slide-out, you expend the dining area along with a two-person couch. This setup gives you additional space for cooking and eating. A strong selling point, especially if you’re trying to achieve family camping bliss – without compromising elbow space.

There are a variety of different sizes and layouts of the Keystone Hideout series.
(Image: Keystone RV)

This Keystone gives you a lot of useful touches:

  • There is a queen size bed, a smaller bed where the table is and a folding couch which becomes a very small bed. While it could sleep six, four would be more comfortable.
  • It has exterior speakers
  • A pre-wired inlet for a solar power panel plug (it will trickle charge the battery)
  • Massive cargo space
  • A solidly built, folding dual-level entry step.
  • There are very few options for this unit, but the one we see in this video has the optional roof-mounted air conditioner.

Check out this video and tell us what you think!

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