Just Look Inside this Caboose RV Trailer! TFL Camper Corner (Video)

You will be happy to see this Caboose.

David’s homemade caboose RV trailer has already traveled thousands of miles. According to him, it’s a hell of a conversation starter!
(Images: TFLtruck)

David built this caboose trailer out of wood

Originally, the caboose trailer was a 1975 Great Divide trailer that David used for many years with his family. Over time, the trailer sat and became a bit of a wreck. Still, the frame and many components were in good shape, so he opted to use them for an ambitious project.

Using his years of experience with design, carpentry and mechanics, David used wood to build the living quarters of the trailer, using the steel frame from his old trailer as a foundation. Creating an exoskeleton, similar to how wooden cabooses were once built, he was able to make a remarkably strong home on wheels.

Some design details:

  • The front porch of the caboose trailer doubles as a platform for David to park his dirtbike. It’s like a subtle toy-hauler, with the advantage of looking completely unique.
  • In the back of the trailer, he has a much smaller platform that can hold bicycles and, eventually, an exterior storage cabinet.
  • Inside, he left the dining area open so he could add and remove items such as beds, when extra sleeping space is needed.
  • The main bedroom has two, split beds allowing for access to the rear bathroom. These beds can be pushed together to make one large one, or one can be converted into a desk.
  • The bathroom uses some components from the old trailer and lots of insightful touches. Unlike many RVs, the bathroom is actually roomy.

There are a ton of additional details in this video. We wanted to remind you that David is a friend of TFL Studios and is helping us on projects like our Gunsmoke project. He donated that vehicle to TFL – by the way.

Enjoy the video!

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