Honey, I Supercharged My Twin-Turbo Dodge Ram Cummins Diesel! Dude, I Love My Ride @HomeEdition (Video)

Watch out for the 'Mad Max' truck!

twin turbo supercharged dodge ram cummins
Dodge Ram Diesel: Honey, I supercharged my twin-turbo truck!

Are these mods painful of perfect?

Are your mods painful or perfect? One of the most modified vehicles out there are Jeeps and pickup trucks. In some ways, truck modifications show the world how diverse the market truly is. A huge majority of owners do something to modify their vehicle.

Ben’s 1999 Ford F-250

This is Ben’s 1999 Ford F-250 Super Duty pickup. It comes with a 7.3-liter Power Stroke diesel. Facelift, headlights, lightbars, fender flares. The truck rolls on 20-inch Harley Davidson-edition wheels covered in BFG KO2 rubber. He also has a tuner to go along with engine modifications.

Has a very low 157,000 miles on his rig.

Ben wants to update the interior with more modern seats and components.

2013 Toyota Tacoma presented by Erick

It’s a double-cab short-bed that has be heavily modified with a very specific purpose, surf-fishing and overlanding. His Taco is beautifully modified which looks like it could go anywhere. Still, he made sure it’s mission as a surf-fishing rig is downright obvious.

Check out all of the surf-fishing gear he has on it. From the bumper mounted holders to the cutting-board on the tailgate, he’s serious.

It has about 120,000 miles on it.

You can look it up on Instagram (BeachTaco13) if you want to see more detailed photos. Out of many of the modified viewer trucks we see at TFL, this one won many fans.

1995 Dodge Ram

This last truck is Erick’s ride. No, a different Erick. This is (by FAR) the most radical of modified trucks in this video. To say that Erick modified his Ram’s Cummins would be an understatement. This is no simple lift and exhaust package, Erick went for broke.

Check out the gargantuan front bumper and those massive smoke-stacks if you want a hint as to what he had in mind. That massive bumper is homemade and the grill WAS the stock bumper. Crazy!

Want crazier? He’s got an Eaton supercharger off a Mustang GT500 mounted through the hood. It leads to his big turbocharger (there is a small one too) – giving him monster boost.

This truck has about 270,000 miles on it (possibly closer to 300K).

Let us know what you guys think of these rigs!

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