Rivian Truck Forum Compiles a List of R1T and R1S Pre-Orders: The Breakdown May Surprise You (News)

The Rivian R1T and R1S numbers have been unofficially tabulated

A fan on the Rivianforums.com extrapolated a logic-based model on order numbers for the R1T and R1S. While there are only a few “official” numbers available, this fan (JohnKing) pulled what numbers he could find and combined a few projections to come up with a logical metric.

The author of these Rivian numbers stated that there was a margin of error and that things, like the current COVID-19 crisis have changed things.

Image: Rivian Forums

This was his method (from the website):

  • Looked at the date of joining the Rivian forum and subtracted a month from it to be the tentative date of order placement.
  • If the subtraction went prior to Nov 27th , 2018, I placed made the date as 11/30.
  • I researched on most of the members in thread 43 and in case a member has mentioned the month of order placement in some other thread, then I took the end of the month as the date. Example: If xyz said ‘In faith I placed my order last July’ , then I took it to be July 31st 2019.
  • Some of the members who have answered these threads do not have the location mentioned so I have marked the location of those as ‘Navbl – not available’,
  • For others, tried my best to narrow down to the State, Country.
  • In thread 43, if someone has stated they have not yet decided but later on in one of the forum posts they have leaned towards R1S or R1T, I have moved them to one of the vehicles and removed them from the undecided status.
Image: Rivian Forums

The bottom line:

Based on reservations, he sees the model take rate of 52% for the R1T pickup truck, 43% for the R1S SUV, and 5% reserved both models. That looks about right to some of us, although a few of us expected a higher take for the R1T pickup truck than he projected. Still, this is unknown territory.

Top 5 States (by Reservations)

1. California
2. Texas
3. Florida
4. Washington
5. Illinois

If you’re interested in more charts and detail, check out the fan page and see for yourself.

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