Rivian R1T Dual Motor Max Pack Range Claims and Specs Make Some Unhappy…

Sadly, this update reflects a lower range rating than we hoped.

2022 rivian r1t stock price drop

“400+ miles” of range is now “up to 400 miles” of range.

Rivian just updated their range estimate for the Max Pack battery Rivian R1T Dual Motor. The R1T is available with 3 battery options, the Standard, Large, and Max packs. There are also 3 powertrain configurations from the Dual Motor, Performance Dual Motor, and Quad-Motor. The range estimate also changes based on the wheel and tire configuration.

For the Max Pack Dual Motor, 21″ wheels get up to 400 miles, 22″ wheels get up to 360 and the 20″ off-road spec gets up to 335. The Dual Motor offers some efficiency over the higher output powertrains, but Rivian used to claim 400+ miles of range. It seems that their estimate has now been revised down. Also surprising is how much the range drops based on wheel choice. Even a 1″ bigger wheel reduces the range by 40 miles.

Rivian R1T

This is a disappointing figure for the most efficient R1T.

Hopes were high for the range on the Dual Motor Max Pack, but it seems that many owners on the Rivian forum aren’t over the moon about the official figures. Especially when the Large Pack upgrade costs $6,000 and the Max Pack is $16,000 over the Standard Pack.

To see how the Rivian R1T works as a pickup, check out the video linked below!