Is Ram TRX Delayed? What Car or Truck Should I Buy? Ask TFL Live is Back! (Video)

This Live show is socially distanced.

roman nathan andre ask tfl ram rebel trx

Ask TFL is resuming with a new format!

Is the upcoming 2021 Ram TRX delayed? All of this and much more on this special new show format.

While the Ask TFL – What Car or Truck Should I Buy? live video series wasn’t completely gone, we’ve had to jump through a few hoops in order to bring it back. Recently, we moved into a new studio and needed time to set up for our new podcasts and other new programming.

Ask TFL has a new look baby! Roman, Andre, Nathan and even a guest appearance from Tommy got the wheels turning. Here we are at the Overland Expo a few years back! (Photo: TFLtruck)

We enjoyed the old Ask TFL formats, but we were looking at doing something different.

Before we could reach Ask TFL, the COVID-19 crisis was upon us and it changed our trajectory. Fortunately, we are using this time away from our brand new office to bring back the “Ask TFL – What Car or Truck Should I Buy?” program. This way we can answer your questions.

tfl tfltruck new office next level tfl 2.0
TFLtruck 2.0 starts with the new studio/garage. Things have changed and it’s a totally different animal.

Among many topics we covered this week, we also covered:

  • Our current format and situation
  • Possible future products and what to expect
  • Is the 2021 Ram TRX delayed?
  • Air-spring towing augmentation
  • The (possible) return of the Ford Courier
  • Nissan Titans
  • Ram vs Ford vs GM HD trucks in the Middle East
  • The Isuzu Rodeo
  • At home sanity
  • Future programming on all of our channels
  • … and, The 2020 Gold Winch Awards!

There are a variety of other topics that we answered live as well. This format allows us to both answer emails and talk to live viewers on the fly. Like our new podcasts and our new programming (Stephen and Nathan to the Rescue) we built the new Ask TFL to revolve around your questions!

We aired this Ask TFL at 3pm MST on Monday, and we will do it again at the same time this Friday on TFLnow Youtube channel!

Check out this video and don’t forget to leave a comment. We often read the comments and we try to answer as many questions as we can.

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