Here Are Some Staggering Tesla Cybertruck Numbers!

2022 tesla cybertruck

The Cybertruck numbers are impressive.

Based on a crowdsourced spreadsheet on orders for the Tesla Cybertruck, our friends at Cybertruck Owners Club produced some remarkable numbers. As of March 30 2020, Tesla Cybertruck reservations are estimated to be at approximately 622,000. These numbers could fluctuate a bit, but even if it’s in the ballpark, the numbers are staggering.

For reference, Ram trucks sold over 633,000 units in 2019.

What’s impressive isn’t the huge totals heading to California. We all know that state is passionate about EVs in general. The impressive part is number two on this list – Texas. Considering all of the issues Texas has had with Tesla, it’s a bit surprising.

Image: Cybertruck Owners Club

One, two or three motors?

Check out the numbers of single versus dual and tri-motor Tesla Cybertruck orders. One thing becomes clear: price and power matter. Just like mid-market regular pickup trucks outselling the beefiest, most expensive versions, it’s similar with the Tesla pickup.

Read about Tesla looking to build the Cybertruck assembly in the central United States (here).

Single motor (base model) reservations make up 7.83%. The dual motor reservations make the lion’s share at 49.73% and the top-of-the-line tri-motor comes in at 42.44%. Once again, these numbers are based on a crowdsourced spreadsheet, so expect a bit of a margin of error.

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