Bollinger B2 Chassis Cab Aims To Expand The Brand’s Reach To Commercial Fleets

The EV firm plans to put it on sale in late 2021

The Bollinger B2 pickup has already revealed itself to the world, as the firm aims to put that truck into production against rivals including the upcoming Rivian R1T and the Tesla Cybertruck. But while retail buyers are critical to Bollinger’s success, the model you see above aims to tackle the fleet market. That’s an area where we haven’t seen too much buzz from electric truck manufacturers yet, but it is an area in which the Big Three have invested with their truck platforms. Here, the Bollinger B2 Chassis Cab offers an electric option for those who want to outfit their truck to suit their business’ needs.

Specifically, this is a Class 3 chassis cab, which aims to take on the Ford F-350 through F-550, Chevy Silverado 3500, and Ram 3500 through 5500 Chassis Cabs. As with the pickup, the company says that the Bollinger B2 Chassis Cab offers 5,000 pounds of payload and a “large energy source to power tools” by way of its 120 kWh battery pack.

bollinger b2 interior
Like the pickup, the Bollinger B2 Chassis Cab will have a more spartan, but arguably more rugged interior for fleet use.

Offered to commercial outfitters

When Bollinger aims to put this on sale to commercial buyers in late 2021 in full-cab and cutaway variants, they say it will come in two or four-door configurations with various wheelbase lengths. Like the pickup, it will also come in an all-wheel drive, dual-motor configuration with portal axles and independent front and rear suspension. The pickup aims for a range of 200 miles, but Bollinger did not announce what it’s thinking for the Chassis Cab models. As it’s a fully-electric chassis cab, its usable range will depend heavily on how it’s used within a fleet, and whether it’s outfitted with heavy equipment it has to carry around all the time.

The Bollinger B2 Chassis Cab will also have hydro-pneumatic self-leveling suspension to cope with heavier payloads. To recharge, it has a 10-kW onboard charger, though it will have access to DC fast charging as its pickup sibling does.

Bollinger did not announce pricing on the B2 Chassis Cab yet, though it should be slightly less than the $125,000 MSRP for the pickup. Federal and state tax incentives should lessen that sting a bit, as well. If Bollinger still plans a six-figure price for its chassis cab, though, it will likely only find its way into fleets in smaller numbers, at least at first.