Top 3 Tough 4×4 Vans from Down Under That We Cannot Get Here! (Forbidden Fruit) #Vanlife

Australia has their share of awesome 4×4 vans like this Mitsubishi Delica Bushmaster.
Image: Whichcar.Au

Get these badass 4×4 vans in Australia – but not here

Ever since editor (Andre) went to Australia, he’s been obsessed with their amazing selection of vehicles we cannot get here, including 4×4 vans and buses. There are a huge variety of unique machines the Aussies get, but their off-road selection is impressive. All of the vans on this list are not available here, although some pass through from time to time.

Jeeps are popular in the bush, sure thing, but Aussies like transports too. With that in mind, we wanted to look at a few notable conversions, including this Mitsubishi Delica Bushmaster.

Mitsubishi Delica Bushmaster

This fifth-generation Delica has a 2.4-L 168 hp engine that makes up to 171 lbs-feet of torque. It was converted by Platinum Vehicles in Australia. Aside from the lift, beefy Maxxis tires and off-road kit, the engineering remains the same as the base van. That includes a CVT…
Image: Whichcar.Au

Even though the Bushmaster (which is based on the same platform as a Mitsubishi Outlander) is more of a car than a truck-based van, it still can haul up to eight and a lot of gear. If a beefy truck is your idea of a better start to a 4×4 van, check out the Iveco Daily.

Iveco Daily 4×4

Popular with overlanding RVs, some outfitters build up the Iveco Daily 4×4 into seriously tough off-roaders. Image:

Even the Dakar Rally has seen a version of an Iveco truck bound over dunes. Paired with a 2.3 or 3-liter diesel and a six-speed manual or automated manual transmission, the Iveco Daily van’s toughness is well known. The Iveco Daily 4×4 pictured below has full-time 4×4 with high and low range along with front, centre and rear differential lockers.

The Torsus

The beefiest 4×4 van is actually more of a bus, but it’s friggin’ cool and the Australians have it. The Torsus is a built-to-order van based on a heavy duty MAN platform. It’s built to accommodate 35 passengers.

The Torsus comes with:

  • MAN D0836LFL40 Engine
  • 6 Speed Manual Transmission
  • Parabolic Front & Rear Springs
  • 300-liter Fuel Tank
  • Electronic Brake System
  • Heavy Duty Interior with PVC Floor
  • Exterior Body Protection
  • Super Single Wheels & Tyres

We simply wanted to show you guys some of the cool vans we recently discovered. Sure, the USA has a few badass 4×4 vans, but these overseas offerings look pretty exciting to us! If you know about an odd or cool 4×4 van from overseas, let us know!

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