(Updated) Toyota Tacoma Is Still King, But There Are Also Some Unpleasant Surprises: 2019 Year-End U.S. Midsize Truck Sales Report

Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon decline in 2019.

2019 september toyota tacoma
Toyota Tacoma and midsize trucks

The last round of sales figures for 2019 are rolling in, and it’s time to see who rounded out the decade on a high note, and where buyers chose to put their hard-earned money in 2019.

While the Toyota Tacoma remains on top of the segment, many other entries are showing sales declines for the year.

YTD 2019 #YTD 2019/2018 %
Toyota Tacoma248,801+1.3%
Chevy Colorado122,304-9.3%
Ford Ranger89,571New
Nissan Frontier72,369-9.1%
Jeep Gladiator40,047New
Honda Ridgeline33,3349.0%
GMC Canyon32,825-2.0%

The Ford Ranger jumps into third sales position for the year behind the Chevy Colorado and the Toyota Tacoma.

When you combine the overall annual United States sales in 2018 for the Tacoma, Colorado, Frontier, Ridgeline, and Canyon: the total number of midsize trucks is: 524,231. That was the overall size of the midsize truck segment in 2018.

The total United States midsize sales volume in 2019 is 639,251 trucks.

For 2019, the Ford Ranger and the Jeep Gladiator entered the game. Once we have the final numbers for the Ranger – we will be able to see exactly how the U.S. midsize segment grew overall.

Here is a video featuring one midsize truck that is not on sale in the U.S. and likely will never be.