Here’s How GM’s eBoost Trailer Brake System Stops A Fully-Loaded Truck Faster And Safer! (Video)

Stop your trailer in a much shorter distance.

GM is working to improve the stopping distances of a truck when hooked up to a heavy trailer. Their goal is to stop a fully loaded truck with a heavy trailer in the same distance as if the truck was running empty.

They call their braking system eBoost, and it’s a version ABS that accounts for wheel speed and other parameters. A properly equipped trailer has a lot of braking capacity. What GM is doing is unlocking the full potential of the trailer brakes by integrating it further with the truck and an advanced antilock braking system (ABS).

GM started testing and developing this system with a 9,000 lbs camping trailer, but they say the system can be extended to much heavier and lighter trailers.

When will this system be available? The adoption of this system will take some time since trailer manufacturers need to get on board. This trailer eBoost system will add cost to the trailer. Although, if you are hauling something very expensive behind you, then having a save and capable trailering system is very important and provides a peace of mind.

Take a look at the video below for more details.