Can You Patent an Entire Truck? Bollinger Says Yes with the B1 and B2 Patent Applications (News)

Here is how they are constructed!

2021 bollinger b1 electric suv
Bollinger B1 – trying out Colorado snow

Bollinger Motors files a U.S. patent application for electric Class 3 heavy duty 4×4 vehicle design with the their B1 SUV and B2 pickup truck.

The company announces a patent application for the following: mechanical architecture, electrical architecture, electric drivetrain, modes of operation, configurability, and common vehicle platform.

There is no question that the Bollinger B1 and B2 have a unique design that is simple and purposeful. These all-electric battery electric trucks are equipped with four-wheel-drive, ability to lock front and the rear differentials, effective high and low gearing, hydraulic sway bar control, hydraulic height-adjustable suspension, portal axles for increased ground clearance, and more.

Here are the images that are included in the patent application #62936929.

The Bollinger trucks also feature unique pass-through cargo compartments that allow for long item storage. The B2 truck has a midgate that connects the cab with the bed space.

Check out this exclusive look inside the Bollinger Motors Michigan headquarters.

The company has targeted production and sales of the first B1 and B2 trucks at the very end of 2020. The starting price for a B1 or a B2 is $125,000.

The trucks are equipped with dual electric motors, plenty of power (614 horsepower), heavy duty 10,001 lbs GVWR, and an estimated 200 mile driving range. These truck has a 5,000 lbs payload and 7,500 lbs towing capacities.