This May Be the Wildest Toyota Tacoma Ever Created! (SEMA)

Don't you want to see this one run!

This one of a kind racing drift truck may look like a Toyota Tacoma on the outside, but it’s a fully customized creation called @PerformanceTruck by @BradDeberti. It’s being shown this week at the 2019 SEMA show in Las Vegas.

2020 toyota tacoma brad deberti
Toyota Tacoma (photo: @braddeberti)

This racer starts with a extended/access cab Tacoma body, but then the truck gets a wildly low and wide stance. The low front splitter goes up to a recognizable Toyota grille and headlights. The rest is fully customized with bulging fenders, air intakes, rear wing and defuser.

(photo: @braddeberti)

TFLtruck team is at the SEMA show, and we will bring all the latest news here and on our TFLnow Youtube channel.