Tesla Pickup Truck vs Rivian vs EV Ford F-150 and Others – How Do They Stack Up? (Video)

How will the electric pickup trucks stack up against each other?

2021 rivian r1t tesla cybertruck ford f150 chevy hummer

Tesla recently announced that their upcoming electric pickup truck (aka. Cybertruck) will make its official debut in California on Nov 21st. Here is how it will stack up against other major players in the electric truck game.

The upcoming Rivian R1T truck is the one we must compare it against first, as Rivian appears to be on track to start production late in 2020 as a 2021 model. The R1T is a truck that is sized to be a little bigger than a traditional midsize truck (such as a Toyota Tacoma) and a little smaller than a traditional half-ton (such as a Ford F-150).

Rivian says that their truck will be capable of 3.0 sec 0-60 MPH acceleration, have advanced AWD capability due to its four electric motors, have a range of up to 400 miles, and be able to tow up to 11,000 lbs (although likely not at the same time).

The new Tesla Cybertruck will have to contend with all of this and much more. The other contenders include the upcoming Bollinger B2 truck, and several other potential makers (Atlis, Lordstown, Ford, and General Motors).

Both Ford and GM recently disclosed their intent to produce and sell all-electric trucks and/or full-size SUVs. Ford is invested into Rivian, and the two companies will be working together in order to produce all-electric trucks and/or crossovers / cars. Ford has already shown a battery-electric F-150 prototype truck.

GM disclosed a plan to produce a premium all-electric large SUV (possibly a Cadillac Escalade), although this is not official). The company also hinted at electric trucks (possible a rebirth of the Hummer brand). Once again, this is unofficial.

Naturally, FCA/Ram, Toyota, and Nissan may not be far behind. These guys have not announced battery-electric trucks yet, but they may be working on other electrified solutions (hydrogen fuel-cell and gas/electric plug-in).

Join the conversation below as look forward to the debut of the Tesla pickup truck next week.