Tesla CyberTruck Will Succeed With These Top 10 Features! (Video)

Should it be the size of an F-150 or much larger?

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Tesla pickup truck rendering

The Tesla “CyberTruck” is being officially unveiled tomorrow evening (Nov 21st, 2019). We still do not know most official specifications or what it will look like. These are our requirements for what it will take to make the Tesla’s electric pickup truck a success.

10. Tough Looking Truck

Most of the rendering you see here are done by Emre Husmen. Emre did a great job. They show more of a sleek and rounded design. We think the actual look needs to be more blocky, mucho, and tough.

The Tesla truck needs to be about the same size and capability as a Ford F-150. The F-series truck is the best-selling vehicle in the country, and a big part of it is the overall roominess and capability.

9. Match or Beat the Rivian R1T

The upcoming Rivian R1T truck threw down the gauntlet on what a modern urban electric pickup truck can be. Rivian is a start-up company that is promising to sell its first truck at the very end of 2020 or early 2021. The R1T is slightly smaller than an F-150, but it can offer around 400 miles of driving range on a single charge with a 180 kWh battery. It will be rated to tow up to 11,000 lbs, and it is promised to have superior off-road AWD capability.

The Tesla CyberTruck needs to at least match the Rivian truck on specs and capability in order to succeed.

8. Unique Features

Tesla is usually very good with this – having unique features and capabilities that differentiate their cars and SUVs from the pack. The CyberTruck should be no exception. It needs to have several features not available on any pickup truck. Perhaps, an extending bed length, reconfigurable cab, a dump bed, or something else. This will capture people’s imagination and help make it a success.

7. Price

The truck market is very competitive and the pricing is very important. Elon Musk (Tesla CEO) already hinted at a $50,000 starting price for the CyberTruck. If this is true, then I think it can be a big success. If the starting price moves higher to over $65,000, then it becomes a luxury truck and much less accessible to masses.

Here are the Top 3 Requirements from our very own Tommy Mica.

6. Bigger Size

Tommy says that the CyberTruck needs to be much bigger than a half-ton truck like an F-150. It needs to be larger than life. Some renderings show the Tesla pickup being way bigger than a current heavy duty truck like the Ram Power Wagon.

It should have a 300 – 400 kWh battery pack and tow up to 20,000 lbs with ease!

5. Off-Road Capability

Tommy says the CyberTruck must have crazy good off-road capability in order to succeed. It needs massive ground clearance, 4×4 system with a good ability for crawling, big off-road tires, great approach and departure angles.

4. Mobile Power Station

Tommy says: if the truck has 400 kWh battery pack, then why not turn it into a mobile power station for job-site tools or your next overland adventure trip.

3. Easy Upgrades

Indeed, any pickup truck must be easily upgradeable, serviceable, and customizable. We love making our trucks our own with accessories: larger tires, grille guard, a winch, a roof rack, and much more.

2. Easy Charging

After towing with out Tesla Model X we found that it is very difficult to go long distances with a trailer and charge easily. Tesla is currently not offering many pull-through charging stations. They are generally chargers where you need to back into the spot in order to charge. This needs to change in order to make the CyberTruck a success.

1. Build it!

Finally, non of this really matters if we must wait another 3-4 years for the CyberTruck to reach the market place. The competition, such as: Rivian, Bollinger, Ford, and GM is also moving very fast to offer electric trucks within the next 2-3 years. The Tesla CyberTruck needs to be available with the same timeframe in order to capture significant market share.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below.