Tesla, Chevy, Lordstown, and More! Electric Pickup Truck News Round-Up (Week 44, 2019)

Everything that happened in the world of electric trucks this week.

lordstown motors electric pickup truck
Lordstown Motors – electric pickup truck
  • Lordstown Motors is a new electric truck company (funded via Workhorse) that bought the Lordstown GM plant in Ohio.
  • Tesla announcement: company will unveil their new “Cybertruck” electric pickup truck on Nov 21st.
  • GM unveiled 1962 Chevy E10 eCrate hot rod build at SEMA
  • Electric F-150 prototype is shown at an Oklahoma statewide charging station announcement.

Lordstown Motors

While the sales of GM’s decommissioned Lordstown plant has been pending for some time, the sale is now finalized. The new buyer is a new company called Lordstown Motors Corporation.

Here you see design sketches that are published at Lordstownmotors.com. No further specifications or a production date have been published at this point. The new Lordstown Motors company is backed by the existing Workhorse Group. A company that currently produces electrified delivery vans and a plug-in pickup truck.

We will stay on top of this story as it develops further into vehicle information.

Tesla “Cybertruck”

tesla pickup truck concept rendering

Tesla says that the new “truck” will make its world-wide debut on November 21, 2019. This day cannot come soon enough, so that we can stop publishing rough renderings of the truck.

Chevy E-10 Hot Rod

Chevy drop a concept truck at the 2019 SEMA show in Las Vegas. It’s called the “E-10”, instead of the 1962 C-10 truck that it is based on. It features Chevrolet’s e-crate electric drop-in power system. It’s still in a concept form, but it’s using two Chevy Bolt EV powertrain systems. Combined power of the two motors is around 450 horsepower. Chevy says the truck should have about 250 miles of range from 120 kWh total battery capacity.

Ford F-150 Electric

(photo: KOOL 105.5 Chickasha)

This image of a Ford F-150 all-electric prototype comes via KOOL 105.5 Chickasha. The test truck was shown at an electric charger station event in Oklahoma.

Not much official information is currently known about this prototype or the upcoming production F-150 electric truck. This test vehicle appears to be riding on BFGoodrich K02 all-terrain tires, and appears to have a currently stock F-150 interior.

We know that this prototype is capable of pulling over 1.25 million pounds worth of train cars on a railroad. We also have Ford/UAW information that points to the fact that an electric F-150 will be produced within the next four years (although unknown exactly when).