Truck Sales in Canada: Ram Makes Big Gains While Other Truck Makers Lose Ground, Ranger Overtakes Tacoma in Q3 2019

Ford Ranger overtake Toyota Tacoma in a big way.

2020 Ram 1500 North Edition

Truck sales in Canada remained strong in Q3, and while some key players are seeing record sales, plenty of trucks are losing sales as well.

At the Ram brand, 75,324 trucks have been sold so far this year, marking an 11 percent increase year-over-year to this point. GM managed to outsell Ram when you add Silverado and Sierra sales together, although both are slightly down.

The Silverado has sold 41,643 times in Canada, while 41,976 units of the GMC Sierra have moved, a drop in year-to-date sales of 6.9 percent and 6.6 percent respectively.

Ford continues to lead Canadian truck sales, with 117,042 F-Series trucks sold year-to-date. Ford does not publish its percentage of change for individual vehicles, though the brand does say that year-to-date it is up by a small margin of 0.18%.

At Toyota, the Tundra is down by 12.1 percent, moving 7777 units so far this year. Nissan is also seeing its half-ton slump, with 2,280 Titans sold this year, a drop of 40 percent compared to 2018.

Looking at midsize pickups, the Ranger has moved 4,750 units so far this year, marking the strongest quarter of sales since the truck hit Canadian markets.

Things at GM are down as well, though the Colorado still outsold the Ranger, moving 6,795 units so far this year, a drop of 9.6 percent compared to this time last year. The GMC Canyon took a 24.8 percent hit compared to this time last year, with sales sitting at 3,902 units in 2019.

Over at Jeep, the Gladiator has managed to sell 1,180 times.

The Toyota Tacoma still owns the segment with 9452 sales thus far in 2019, though that is a drop of 11.7 percent compared to 2018.

Finally, the Nissan Frontier remains pretty steady, selling 3,024 units so far in 2019, representing a modest 1.5 percent drop.

Q3Q3 % Change2019 YTDYTD Change
Ford F-15042,137Not published117,042Not published
Ram P/U28,609+47%75,324+11%
GMC Sierra14,774-2.7%41,976-6.6%
Chevy Silverado14,163-2.5%41,643-6.9%
Ford Ranger2,360New4,750New
Toyota Tacoma865-30.6%9,452-11.7%
Jeep Gladiator727New1,180New