Here Are the Most Affordable 4×4 Trucks You Can Buy Today (Top List)

2019 september toyota tacoma
Midsize trucks: Toyota Tacoma, Ford Ranger, Jeep Gladiator

Here is a list of the most affordable 4×4 crew cab pickup trucks you can buy right now in the United States.

We often talk about starting prices on 2WD trucks or as-tested prices on fully-optioned 4×4 beasts. This list is a bit different. This is all about the most popular pickup truck configuration. It’s the big crew cab four-door truck with 4×4. All prices are manufacturer suggested retail prices without any local deals or discounts because those vary from state to state and city to city.

Mid-size Trucks

Here is how the smallest midsize trucks break down. These the absolute base models that are available with 4WD and a crew cab configuration. All of the trucks shown in the table below are equipped with a “short” 5-foot bed. GMC, Toyota, Chevy, and Nissan also offer a longer 6-foot bed with a crew cab configuration.

Trim LevelM.S.R.P
GMC CanyonV6 SLE 4×4$37,590
Honda RidgelineV6 Sport AWD$36,290
Jeep GladiatorV6 Sport 4×4$35,040
Toyota TacomaV6 SR 4×4$33,410
Chevy ColoradoV6 WT 4×4$32,795
Ford RangerTurbo-I4 XL 4×4$32,700
Nissan FrontierV6 S 4×4$30,535

While most of the midsize trucks are offered with a base naturally aspirated four-cylinder gas engine, stepping up to a four-wheel-drive truck requires getting a gas V6. This bumps up the starting price.

GMC and Honda also currently require you to step up in the trim level in order to get 4-wheel-drive. GMC requires the SLE as the base 4×4 trim. Honda requires the Sport trim as the base AWD configuration. This offers more features and equipment, but it also raises the price.

This is one of the main reasons why the GMC Canyon SLE and Honda Ridgeline Sport are the most expensive entries on this list. Next is the new Jeep Gladiator Sport at a starting price of $35,040. The Jeep sets itself apart with a convertible open roof, removable doors, and a folding windshield.

The segment-leading Toyota Tacoma in the middle of the pack on price. Chevy Colorado and the Ford Ranger both beat the Tacoma on 4×4 crew cab pricing.

Still, the best value is offered by the Nissan Frontier with a starting price of $30,535.