This Diesel-powered Ford Transit Overland Van Is Not What It Seems (Video)

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Ford Transit Overland van diesel budget build
Ford Transit Overland van

This Ford Transit van is mean.

In the newest episode of Dude, I Love or Hate my New Ride, we get a tour of a military grade Ford Transit van. Seriously, this thing is purpose-built and pretty badass looking too.

This Ford Transit overlander started out as a 2018 Transit 350 short wheelbase, high roof passenger van. It has a 185 horsepower five-cylinder turbo-diesel that makes 350 lbs-feet of torque. It’s hooked up to a six-speed automatic transmission feeding the rear wheels. Even with all of the extra weight added, the owner says he averages over 18 mpg on long highway trips.

It has a 3.73 rear end, which allows the van to tow 7,500 lbs.

Aluminess (based in California) built the massive bumper and roof rack and VanLife Customs in Colorado installed the bumper, roof rack, lights, solar panel, tires and wheels (among other components) along with the interior modifications on the interior.

Although this van was converted to travel off the grid, it still has seating for up to five. A benefit of it being a passenger van is that it has windows throughout and a passenger’s air conditioning setup too. All manor entry points (the rear door and sliding door) have magnetic screen enclosures as well.

According to the owner, the ordering process was remarkably easy. There are thousands of configuration/option choices and he received his van about a month after ordering it.

In this video, watch as Andre takes a detailed tour.

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