Ram Rebel vs VW Touareg 4×4 Worst MPG Battle: We Are Shocked By the Results | Ram Rebel Rouser Ep.6

The bigger and heavier trucks get better MPG!

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Ram Rebel Rouser vs VW Touareg “Tough T”

It’s time to take the Ram Rebel Rouser to Moab, Utah for a proper off-road test. On the way the Hell’s Revenge trail from Colorado, we must do another road trip MPG test in order to compare it against to what happened when this Rebel did the same trip when it was all stock.

Ram Rebel Rouser

You may remember that we did this same trip from Golden, Colorado to Moab, Utah several months ago. Back then the Rebel was brand new and all stock. It was winter time, and final fuel economy result after nearly 350 miles was a disappointing 17.5 MPG.

Since then we added many parts to the Rebel. This includes Mopar performance intake and exhaust systems. New Mopar side steps and a sports bar in the back with off-road LED lights. Teraflex Falcon shocks and suspension leveling kit. Mopar off-road headlock-capable wheels and 35-inch Toyo Open Country ATII tires. There is also a LINE-X Bedliner and tonneau cover from Truck Gear. In short, the truck is heavier than it was, but the V8 can also breathe better.

Spoiler Alert: In the end, the results are very surprising. The built Ram Rebel Rouser got a better result of 19.2 MPG. However, the VW Touareg on 32-inch tires did even better. The VW for 19.4 MPG.

Check out all the road trip fun and details in the video below.