PeterToon! This Peterbilt Big Rig Pontoon Boat is Ready to Party!

Just look at those exhaust pipes!

Check out this Peterbilt semi truck beautifully crafted into a pontoon party boat. If you love big semi tractors, chances are you like boats as well. Why not combine you two passions and take the Peterbilt out on the water?  Perhaps, a “Petertoon”? This party boat packs all the looks and features of an actual semi truck with the easy-going atmosphere of a pontoon boat.

There is no giant turbo-diesel engine under the hood. Instead, it’s a Mercury outboard with 90 horsepower. Still, this is enough power to take you and a few friends for an enjoyable water cruise. Semi trucks are known for a solid road stability and cushy air-assisted seats and suspension. The pontoon boat offers much of the same. The dual “hull” evens out most small waves for a relatively smooth ride on the open water.

Check out the dual functioning rear view mirrors!  More boats should have rear visibility like this.  This Peterbilt could tow a tube, a kneeboarder, or maybe a water skier (if it had a little more power). Rearward visibility is key!

The dash and the interior resemble a big truck, but there is no manual transmission lever to row a giant gearbox. The dual exhaust stacks are not functional, but we wonder if the air horns are. It would be really great to have ear-piercing horns on a boat like this.  This floating truck would also serve as a handy fishing platform, but there are also speakers in the back to get the party pumping. 

We saw this “Petertoon” near a hotel in Duluth, Minnesota while on an event featuring the new 2020 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel. If you know more about this boat, the manufacturer, or the owners – please leave a comment below or send us a message at 

Thanks to Jim Palumbo for this extra information.

The “Petertoon” is owned by Jeff Foster Trucking in Superior, Wisconsin just over the bridge from Duluth. Linked below is an article from a local TV station.