2021 Toyota Tundra Prototypes with Big Grilles and Sport Wheels (Spied)

The rear suspension is still hidden.

2021 Toyota Tundra crew cab 4x4 4wd
2021 Toyota Tundra prototype (photo: John Carder)

The following 2021 Toyota Tundra prototypes were spied testing on mountain highways of Colorado. This is the closest look we have so far at three different versions of the new truck.

All images you see here are courtesy of John Carder. Thank you John! John reports that there were three camouflaged prototypes in a convoy with two other trucks. There was a new Ram truck leading the pack, and a new Ford F-150 behind. The trucks came in and out of a campground parking lot that had a very steep entry and exit.

2021 Toyota Tundra

The prototypes have different grilles, wheels, and side mirrors. The truck appear to use the current crew cabs and mirrors. The front and rear are covered to hide style and functional changes.

The wheels show off 6-lug hubs (instead 5-lugs on the current Tundra). The truck with the white grille is wearing a large diameter black wheels (perhaps 22-inch wheels) with low profile tires. Is this the next TRD Sport truck or another new model?

A large exhaust pipe is coming out in the back on the driver side. The rear suspension is still carefully obscured. There is no obvious fuel filler door on the driver side. A closer look at the prototype also show no radio antennas poking up by the a-pillar on the passenger side.

Two of the trucks are sporting towing mirrors and hitches. These trucks were not seen with trailers this time, but we have other images of these trucks towing from Arizona.

Under the hood, the new Tundra is rumored to have a twin-turbo gas V6 and/or a gas-electric hybrid. We will have to wait and see how this develops further.