2014-2016 EcoDiesel Customers Speak Out About Lag After Emissions Recall in Ram and Jeep Models

Our inbox is getting flooded with reports.

2017 2015 ram 1500 ecodiesel loaded to the max towing up extreme incline at high elevation ike gauntlet
Ram 1500 EcoDiesel (3.0L V6)

A required fix for 2014-2016 Jeep and Ram EcoDiesel engines is stripping drivers of performance according to owners, who have reached out directly to TFLTruck.

After an initial article covering the situation and asking for response, we have already received over 100 e-mails (and counting) in our inbox with reports of the engine lag.

Read the Initial Article Here: Owner Report – I Got my 2014-2016 Ram and Jeep EcoDiesel Fixed for Emissions and Now its Very Slow

The recall is part of a settlement between Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), the EPA and the US Department of Justice to resolve illegal emissions levels in the 3.0-liter diesel engine fit to the 2014-2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee and Ram 1500. FCA was also forced to pay $800 million in fines and settlements over the issue.

The agreed upon fix is a software re-flash that affects the engine and transmission known as the Approved Emissions Modification (AEM). Both the EPA and the California Air Resources Board (CARB) approved the fix before it was implemented, and Ram has to continue to test fixed vehicles for five years to ensure the fix is still effective. FCA claimed that the fix would “not affect average fuel economy, drivability, durability or refinement of the vehicles.”

The recall is a requirement if customers want to receive cash settlements that are part of the agreement. EcoDiesel owners will be entitled to between $990 and $3,075.

We reached out to FCA for an official response on the subject and a spokesperson told TFL that the company has nothing more to add than what can be found in the initial press release about the settlement (which can be found here).

Below we have gathered together a sample of e-mails from readers claiming to have this issue. As more e-mails pour in, we will continue to update the story.

  • Edgar writes: Agree with the assessments that the vehicle changed drastically. I have to enter a busy street every time I leave home. First few days I almost was hit every time I went out there. Now I figured a way to merge into traffic. I press on the brake hard, rev the engine above 2300 rpm and then let go of the brake. It gets me across the street the way the Ram used to be. I’ll be selling it as soon as I get my 3K. I don’t like my wife driving it. Too dangerous. The benefits of the diesel have been ruined.

  • Phil writes: In response to your article and the request for comment, I have had a noticeable change in power / acceleration.  I am the original owner of a 2014 Ram crew cab 4×4 Laramie truck.  The truck has 60,000 miles and has been perfectly maintained.  I had the AEM fix done in June and have driven my truck about 1500 miles since.Since performing the AEM through the dealership where I purchased the truck I have noticed two issues.  First is a significant acceleration delay, especially from stop when under a light load or uphill climb.  The second issue is a loss in highway fuel mileage.  My average long trip mileage used to be 26 to 28 mpg.   After the AEM my highway mileage has never exceeded 23 mpg.I will be contacting the dealership soon for advice

  • David writes:  I have a 2016 Ram EcoDiesel and had the emission repair as well. I noticed a very significant lag of 5 seconds from a slow after the repair and almost got hit because I couldn’t get out of the way.  Two Ram dealers said there is no fix per Fiat Chrysler.

  • Wm writes: Yes, There is a noticeable difference in the throttle response after the recall was performed. The Turbo lag is significant. It makes you push the accelerator further causing a turbo leap and loss in fuel economy. Also make sure and grill the Jeep service tech before you do the recall. There is special procedure where they have to take photo documentation of the recall procedure before FCA will honor the terms of the recall. I learned this the hard way from FCA since after the first recall reprogram, the dealer did not submit it to FCA correctly and I had a catastrophic failure of the particulate filter. This would be covered under the new extended emissions warranty but, no records- no fix. Fortunately I was in Detroit at the time and the dealer there knew all too well the problem I was having. He did a hard reset and I was off on the highway. Had to take the jeep back to NC dealer for them to do  the recall again and submit the paperwork correctly. FCA has yet to pay out—6 weeks——-come on gang, cut the check and fix my particulate filter

  • Jason writes: I have a 2016 that had the service a month ago. I didn’t put it together until I read the other users experiences. I don’t notice it as much at a dead stop but there’s a spot where I slow down to about 8 mph on my drive home. It’s on a slight incline and when I reaccelerate it lags a good 2-3 seconds. Very odd. I didn’t notice it before.

  • Kyle writes: I have a 2015 ram 1500 EcoDiesel with the new emissions update. I have poor throttle response and more noticeable when cold. I think it is very dangerous because you expect to pull into traffic and have it respond. It is not the case. I have to be particularly careful when entering intersections. Have had 2 close calls so far. I have to warn people to use extreme caution if they use my truck. I have 80k on it now, at about 75k I had the recall done. Up until then no issues. 

  • Carl writes: Since I got the emissions update I too have experienced turbo lag and have had problems pulling into traffic. The lag is probably one second, but is enough to be very dangerous when pulling into traffic.

  • Mike writes: Yes one of the major differences is the turbo lag when accelerating very noticeable after the recall. It seems really bad in hot weather. Also when towing a trailer and backing it up I like to open the drivers door and stick my head out a little bit to see better. With the recall now, it does not let you do that anymore. That you cannot open the door with truck is in drive or reverse anymore. Other than that I have not noticed any other issues after recall.

  • Chase writes: This happened to my 2015 Eco after the update. I noticed it when motor is cold, and you push gas, it would quite literally fall on its face. Sometimes once it switched gears, I could literally feel the truck slow down, and drag when that hit. Traded it in on Saturday for a different vehicle due to this whole emissions issue in general. 

  • Oris writes: After having emissions recall done, I lost power, significant acceleration lag and now transmission slipping.  I filed with Chrysler about four months ago. And I haven’t been able to get any updates.  I wish I had never answered the recall.

  • Tim writes: I purchased my 2016 EcoDiesel used as I needed a good truck to tow my toys. Well after getting the new update, the MPG numbers seem to be consistent as before the update however the turbo lag is out right nerve-wracking. If you hit the accelerator pedal when it’s cold and it falls flat on his face no power whatsoever. Hope FCA will come out with a new update to address the turbo lag issue, in my opinion, it is a safety concern.  

  • Kevin writes: I had the AEM done at 160,000 miles. The Jeep now has a lag or hesitation coming off idle that it did not have before the update.  I don’t particularity like it, but I guess I can live with it.

  • Brett writes: The settlement info states you are not suppose to have performance changes.  I lost power and 3 miles to the gallon. I took it back to the dealer and was basically told there was nothing they could do. I liked my truck but it is no longer fun to drive and no longer safe, especially if I’m pulling anything. I don’t recommend the update unless you plan to get rid of the truck anyway.  I feel the settlement information misrepresented the performance impact and that I’m ending up in a worse position for doing it.

  • Kevin writes: Had my 2014 Ram repaired and there is a very noticeable power lag when accelerating. Problem needs to be addressed.

  • Christopher writes: I have had the AEM completed on my truck, and yes there is a noticeable lag from peddle press to throttle response, especially when cold.  My mpgs aren’t as good as they used to be either.  I use to regularly get 26 to 28 mpg, but now I get closer to 24 to 26.

  • Grant writes: Definitely created a hesitation after the recall. Especially when the vehicle has been running for only a few minutes. I have a 2015 Ram and have been very pleased so far. But there is a definite 3 to 4 second delay when trying to accelerate and throttle response is very poor now.

  • Doug writes: I had the same issue with mine it was unsafe to drive for my business so I had to sell it after the recall repair.

  • Nick writes: My truck has major throttle lag after the recall. It is very annoying and makes it hard to drive especially when I am trying to make a quick merge or turn. 

  • Gary writes: I too have noticed a very dramatic change in acceleration at the low end (dead pedal) especially when cold. I agree with others that it is a safety issue. I told my wife about it, but am a bit nervous of having her drive it. Personally, if I had to do it over again, I would have ignored the settlement. I don’t see much of a fuel mileage change, but the severe lags (seconds) is really a safety issue and needs to be addressed. I don’t know if I can have it re-flashed and just have Chrysler-Fiat keep the settlement money and still be legal, but I would do it. We have no emission inspections for any but old vehicles in my neck of the woods.