We Max Out The Toyota Land Cruiser TFL Pro To See How It Tows! | TFLpro S.1 Ep.6 (Video)

Toyota Land Cruiser TFLPro
Toyota Land Cruiser TFLPro

We all know that the Toyota Land Cruiser is one of the best known and legendary off-road 4×4 SUVs out there. What happens when we max it out on towing with an 8,000 lbs trailer? Well, check this out!

Toyota Land Cruiser

In this video series, we have upgraded it with a suspension lift, wheels/tires, air intake, and more to make it even more off-road capable. It is still a full-size SUV with a V8, and it will have to do some towing from time to time. On this episode of TFLpro, we load up a flatbed tilt trailer with a classic Mercedes-Benz SL and set off to deliver the car to a new owner.

The car and the trailer together weigh about 8,000 lbs. With two people inside the TFLpro – it is basically maxed out on towing and payload ratings.

Take a look at the video for all the details.

The Land Cruiser suspension did squat a significant amount even with a weight distribution hitch, but it still tows the load with confidence. You can definitely tell the engine has to work a lot to pull this load, but we saw no sway and a relatively good ride with this test.