We Cut a Hole in a Perfectly Good Toyota Land Cruiser – Snorkel and Rock Sliders : TFLpro Ep.4 (Video)

Make it breathe easier and make it tougher than ever!

On this episode of the Toyota Land Cruiser TFLpro, we cut a hole in a perfectly good SUV in order to install a snorkel-type intake we call “High Altitude Air Intake”. Also, we add some serious off-road protection with a pair of MetalTech rock sliders. Check it out!

Toyota Land Cruiser

The goal of this TFLpro project is to turn a ordinary Land Cruiser (which is already a very luxurious and capable off-road rig) and turn it into a mean overland machine as if Toyota themselves was building a TRDpro version of it. It means this Land Cruiser is getting a suspension lift with special off-road shocks, off-road wheels and tires, and now – a snorkel and rock sliders.

Under the hood is still the same stock and very powerful 5.7-liter V8. We do not currently have a plan to tune or add any other engine performance parts. Yes, factory TRDpro trucks and SUVs have uniquely tuned exhaust systems, but Toyota does not list any specific power gains with these systems.

Of course, for the 2020 model year Toyota also has 4Runner TRD Pro, Sequoia TRD Pro, Tacoma TRD Pro, and Tundra TRD Pro vehicles. We hope that our one-of-a-kind Land Cruiser TFL Pro will fit right in, and be accepted by the Toyota engineering and other teams.

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