Extreme Off-Road Makeover! You Won’t Believe How Different The Land Cruiser Looks | TFLPro EP. 2 (Video)

Toyota Land Cruiser 4x4  TFL Pro
Toyota Land Cruiser 4×4 : TFL Pro

It’s time to transform our Toyota Land Cruiser into a “TFL Pro” off-road machine. The goal of this project is to upgrade the stock Land Cruiser and make even more off-road capable than it already is. We are looking to make careful updates as if this was Toyota making a TRD Pro version of the Land Cruiser.

We visit The Man Cave to change the entire exterior of the truck. Special Edition TRD Pro trucks and SUVs from Toyota come in a limited color palette. They are usually done in black, white, and another special color that changes from year to year. We decided to go for the white exterior with black accents, and do it using an exterior wrap.

Wrapping an entire truck is more involved and complicated than we expected, especially a large SUV such as the full-size Land Cruiser. Many of the exterior parts need to be disassembled, wrapped separately, and reassembled. 

You gotta watch the video to see all the details of the process, and the result of this exterior transformation.

Naturally, we are not done yet. The Land Cruiser really The next steps of this project including doing a suspension lift, special off-road shocks, a snorkel air intake, off-road tires, and more.