Now the Rivian R1T Electric Pickup Truck Comes with a Kitchen Sink and Can Be Charged While Being Towed Behind an RV

2019 rivian r1t mobile kitchen sink
Rivian R1T with a mobile kitchen (photo: Rivian)

The Rivian R1T electric pickup truck prototype is aimed at the adventurous crowd, and it shows an integrated field kitchen complete with a kitchen sink at the 2019 Overland Expo West show.

Electrification is growing trend in overland and motor home industries in general. Many of the latest RVs and overland rigs use solar panels and large battery banks (including Lithium-ion batteries) to store energy and run many (if not all) features inside the truck or the motor home. Many other RVs also use the vehicle’s diesel or gas engine as a generator to run some accessories such as the air conditioning, heater, refrigerator, and others.

This Rivian R1T prototype has the same idea, but it’s all electric. Rivian says they will start production of the R1T truck at the end of 2020. It will come with several battery capacities. The largest battery is 180 kWh. The battery normally feeds the four electric motors (one for each wheel) for a combined power output of 750 hp. In this case, it can also run your small field kitchen.

Everything and the Kitchen Sink

The R1T’s central cargo tunnel is meant for storage, but it can also house a small folding kitchen that includes a two-burner electric induction cook top, a sink, a water heating element, and storage for dishes and utensils.

(photo: Rivian)

Can you bring cold or frozen food with you? Yes, Rivian shows an electric mobile cooler/freezer that can fit in the front cargo hold (the frunk) of the truck.

Rivian says that it’s possible to use this portable kitchen to cook for about a week and use up about 11% of the total 180 kWh capacity. Considering that the total maximum driving range of the R1T is listed at around 400 miles, cooking for a week would decrease the driving range by about 44 miles.

(photo: TFLtruck)

Many people like to use their motor home or a 5th-wheel to tow a vehicle behind it. Rivian says that the R1T will be capable of charging its batteries while being flat towed behind an RV or another vehicle. This is an innovative idea, but it could and would add an extra burden on the vehicle that is towing it.

If you are to plug your Rivian R1T truck in a fast-charger – Rivian says the on-board 160 kW fast charger can add about 200 miles of range in about 30 minutes.

Once we learn more about flat-tow charging mode, we will let you know. Here is a closer look at the Rivian R1T truck.