Two-Door Jeep Gladiator Truck and a Hellcat-Powered Full-Size Monster are Just Two of the Jeep Moab Concepts for 2019 (News)

Nope, that’s not a two-Door Jeep Gladiator Truck. It’s something else. The Jeep M-715 Five-Quarter concept channels the spirit of the Jeep Nukiser concept – no? Photo: Jeep

Every year, Jeep brings concept vehicles to Moab, Utah for the Easter Jeep Safari event. This year, which is the 53rd year of event, Jeep is brining six concepts, and perhaps one or two additional surprises. Most of these vehicles are based on the Jeep Gladiator (old and new) and represent an insight to Jeep designer’s thoughts.

The best part, we get to sample these concepts in just over a week!

Here are the 2019 concept vehicles…

This is the Jeep M-715 Five-Quarter concept, based on the 1968 M-715
Photo: Jeep

Jeep M-715 Five-Quarter Concept

Jeep started with a 1968 M-715 and modified the hell out of it. The platform, exterior, interior, running gear, engine and suspension are all augmented. According to Jeep, the “Five-Quarter” name comes from past Jeep trucks that were 1-1/4 tons – hence five quarters.

Jeep M-715 Five-Quarter concept. Photo: Jeep

The Jeep M-715 Five-Quarter Concept is powered by a 6.2-liter supercharged “Hellcrate” Hemi V8 engine. It produces more than 700 horsepower. Pulled forward two inches, the front axle is now a Dynatrac Pro-rock 60, a Dynatrac Pro-rock 80 axle in the rear.

Jeep beefed up the original frame and replaced the original leaf springs with a heavy-duty link-coil suspension system. The custom bed is six-feet and bobbed. Open panels (“perforated” body parts) along with wood add to the lightweight modifications. Adding to that, slick looking 20-inch beadlock wheels with 40-inch tires finish the look.

The body is all carbon fiber. Jeep wanted a more custom look to the soft-top, so they lowered it 3.5-inches for more a “chop-top” appearance. Off-road lights are LEDs. The driver’s seats are from a Jeep Wrangler. The interior includes the body of an old 8-71 supercharger that’s being used as a console cover for the gear and transfer case levers.

Jeep M-715 Five-Quarter concept. Photo: Jeep

One interesting observation about the Jeep M-715 Five-Quarter concept; there is a lot of another concept, other than the Nukiser, in it. The idea of weight savings, something near and dear to the head of Jeep Design – Mark Allen, is definitely here. It looks a bit like his favorite concept, the super lightweight Stitch concept.

Jeep JT Scrambler

The Jeep JT Scrambler Concept evokes the 1981-’86 Jeep CJ (CJ-8) Scrambler
Photo: Jeep

Based on the new Jeep Gladiator platform, the Jeep JT Scrambler concept was built as a hat-tip to the CJ Scrambler. A name that many thought would be what the new Gladiator became. Power comes from a 3.6-liter engine connected to an eight-speed automatic transmission. Additional power comes from a Mopar cold-air intake system and a cat-back exhaust.

The whole Jeep JT Scrambler concept is covered in both Jeep Performance Parts, Mopar accessories and a ton of goodies that hark back to the Jeep CJ Scrambler.

One of the most noticeable customizations is the bed. The original Jeep CJ Scrambler had a unique bed with a sport/roll bar. The Jeep JT Scrambler concept has a spray-in bedliner and a unique sport/roll bar. It connects to the bed and it also runs the length of the bed rails all the way to the tailgate. This sport/roll bar configuration offers eight tie-downs. Some of the lights on the top of the sport/roll bar are aimed at the bed for illumination.

Rock-rails, additional LED off-road lights (up to 8,000 lums) and customized, bronze 17-inch wheels, along with many other parts were pilfered from the Jeep Performance Parts catalogue. Those wheels come with chunky 37-inch tires.

Katzkin Amaretto Brown leather seats, bordered in orange thread, matches the orange accents all over the cab. The theme is continued to the exterior decals and the brown roof.

One notable thought about this concept, that sport/roll bar (we call it a “sport/roll bar because Jeep does) – it’s something that would be a hell of an addition for folks who need additional tie-downs. Not to mention it looks super cool.

Jeep Flatbill

Maybe the Jeep Flatbill Concept’s name comes from flatbill hats. Because motocross?
Photo: Jeep

Powered by FCA’s 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6 engine with a cold-air Mopar intake, the Jeep Flatbill Concept is hooked up to an eight-speed automatic transmission. Front and rear axles are Dynatrac Pro-Rock 60. Off-Road Evolution customized a 4-inch lift kit for the truck. That includes larger rear bypass shocks.

This lift easily allows huge 40-inch tires which are mounted on 20-inch wheels. It’s noteworthy that the 40-inch tires are the largest yet mounted to a Jeep Gladiator. A feat that, while impressive, will undoubtedly be bested soon.

The theme of the Jeep Flatbill Concept is Motocross – no doubt. Jeep took a new Jeep Gladiator and made it dirtbike-friendly by removing the tailgate and adding integrated, extendable ramps. Part of the bed lowers and the addition of less obtrusive tube bumpers make loading easier.

Rock sliders, shortened front bumper, skid-plates and an array of upgrades (including a carbon fiber hood with massive vents) are complimented by the wild exterior paint job. That theme is continued inside with unique interior components and a bed-lined floor.

With any luck, Jeep Performance Parts will offer these slick, vented, elevated front fenders. That, along with the carbon fiber hood, look outstanding. If enough of you inquire about the possibility, they very well could build it. Hence the whole reason they build these concepts!

Jeep Gladiator Gravity 

Check out the little dude climbing near the air vent. I guess that’s where the Jeep Gladiator Gravity Concept gets its name. No? Photo: Jeep

According to Jeep, the Jeep Gladiator Gravity Concept is a “ready-to-order expression of how Jeep Performance Parts can help enhance the all-new pickup’s capability and versatility.” Basically, a rolling display of the Jeep Performance Parts catalogue, the Jeep Gladiator Gravity Concept is basically something you could buy and build right now.

Yep, you can get most of this stuff right when you get your Gladiator.

The Jeep Gladiator Gravity Concept is powered by a 3.6-liter V6 “Pentastar” engine that’s connected to a Jeep Performance Parts cold air intake system. FCA’s eight-speed automatic transmission is offered. A Jeep Performance Parts two-inch lift kit underpins the concept and 17-inch wheels are covered with 35-inch tires.

Thicker and wider rock-rails are covered in the same bed-lining material used on Ram trucks. Jeep Performance Parts also supplied the two-inch round steel tube doors, a mesh sunbonnet that provides cover and tie-down straps that secure the windshield when lowered.

Painted in Punk’N Metallic Orange, the overall look of the Jeep Gladiator Gravity Concept centers around its open-top functionality. To that end, Jeep added a slew of adventure-themed components including, in the bed area, mounted Mopar cross rails with a cargo carrying basket. A Mopar-equipped truck bed storage system has dual sliding drawers that are lockable.

With all of this in the bed, there is still available space for cargo.

Check out the seven-inch LED lights in front of the Mopar satin black grille. You can also see the five-inch LED lights on the A-pillars. Nothing too extravagant, but probably enough extra light for most.

Jeep Wayout 

The Jeep Wayout Concept has some slick fabricated additions we hope go into production. Check out those integrated auxiliary tanks!
Photo: Jeep

This is my favorite of the concepts based on its mix of camping, adventure and utility. About the only thing I would change is the 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6 engine that’s mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission. Yep, I would go for the optional 6-speed manual transmission.

Using the Jeep Performance Parts two-inch lift kit, Jeep was able to stuff 37-inch mud-terrain tires (mounted on awesome 17-inch steel wheels). There is a Jeep Performance Parts snorkel and a 12,000-lbs Warn winch.

The Jeep Wayout Concept features a new Gator Green color – which will be available on production Gladiator models – and a custom bed. A bed rack with an integrated ladder carries a roof-top tent that sleeps two. A Mopar/Decked lockable bed-drawer system sits in the bed as well. Complimenting the camping component of this vehicle, Jeep added a 270-degree awning with amber LED task lighting.

One addition I hope sees production is the two custom-fit auxiliary fuel tanks. They are integrated into the bedsides and there’s an on-board ARB air system that has a body-mounted quick disconnect.

According to Jeep, the inside of the Jeep Wayout Concept has bed-lined floors and trimmed brown leather seats with laser-etched inserts of topographical maps.

Jeep J6  

Now this looks like a Two-Door Jeep Gladiator Truck. The funny thing about the Jeep J6 Concept pickup is that many of you said, “Well, if the Gladiator came as a standard cab, I’d buy one.” Well, here you go. See, Jeep tried something similar with the previous JK, known as the Jeep JK-8 kit. Not many of you bought that one.
Photo: Jeep

The Jeep J6 Concept is not a Gladiator concept. It is based on a JL Wrangler Unlimited with a six-foot bed and a standard two-door cab. Much like the Jeep JK-8 available on the previous JK Wrangler. Given its design, it’s no surprise that it shares the same wheelbase (118.4 -inches) as the Jeep Wrangler. It’s short by comparison with an overall length of 201-inches.

Still, that setup allows for a bed that is a full 12-inches longer than the one offered with the 2020 Gladiator. It’s not exactly a two-door Jeep Gladiator Truck, as the Jeep J6 Concept is a smaller truck than the Gladiator. That hardtop is fully removable too.

Hooked up to a Jeep Performance Parts cold-air intake system, the Pentastar 3.6-liter engine gets a power bump. It’s paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission.

Jeep wanted to maintain a retro buzz so they painted the Jeep J6 Concept in Metallic Brilliant Blue paint – which is in homage to the exterior look of the 1978 Jeep Honcho.

Jeep gave the J6 Concept a two-inch Jeep Performance Parts lift and added 37-inch tires mounted on deep-dish-style “Brass Monkey” finished, bead-locked wheels. A bed mounted spare tire on the bed’s floor with a prototype tire-carrier. The bed is covered in a prototype body-color spray-in bed-liner.

“Additional modifications defend the Jeep J6 against off-road obstacles, including a prototype two-inch steel stinger bar that bolts to the Rubicon front bumper and rock rails customized with two-inch steel tubes welded to the standard Jeep Gladiator rails. The concept hardtop is removable, and classic Jeep J6 badging is swapped in on the tailgate and side fenders.” – Jeep

Jeep added a prototype two-inch steel stinger bar that bolts to the Rubicon front bumper, rock-rails with two-inch steel tubes welded to the standard Jeep Gladiator rails.

While it could be called a two-Door Jeep Gladiator Truck, the Jeep J6 Concept is something else altogether. Photo: Jeep

Curious about how these vehicles drive? Stay tuned! TFLcar and TFLtruck are heading to Moab, Utah in the middle of April to sample these trucks, run some trails and more!