Hellcrate Awesomeness: We Drive the Jeep Five Quarter Concept (Video)

The Jeep Five Quarter at the 2019 Easter Jeep Safari. Photo: TFLtruck

Each year there is a crazeballs, insane creation Jeep presents at the Easter Jeep Safari – this year, it’s the Jeep Five Quarter Concept. Also known as the M-715, which is the platform it’s based on, this ain’t no Gladiator. Nope, in every way it’s a fully customized, sick-in-the-head, love child of head of Jeep Design Mark Allen.

Thank god for that.

That whole front section is carbon fiber wrapped to look like aluminum. Photo: TFLtruck

While we loved the modern Jeep Gladiator-based concepts at the 2019 Easter Jeep Safari prototype event, the Jeep Five Quarter Concept stands out. After purchasing a 1968 M-715 from Craigslist for a few grand, the Jeep design team tore it to pieces.

Standout additions? It has to be the Hellcrate, 707-horsepower, supercharged Hemi. Seriously. It’s stupid powerful and sounds like war.

Fits like a glove. The Hellcrate makes the truck. Photo: TFLtruck

Driving – and a slight misadventure:

Yes, I drove it off-road! For half of the very short off-road loop, I even had power steering! Yep, all was well until the power steering gave out (hose) and I had to steer it manually back to the staging area. It was a beast to turn with the power steering working, so you can imagine how fun it was sans power… but you can watch me wrestle in the video!

Yep, that’s mesh covering the sides. That’s a jet-cut bed too.

The engine snarls and blerts with the slightest pressure on the accelerator. Had I sneezed, I would have skyrocketed into a sandstone wall. Very sensitive indeed. Most the time, you can let it lumber at idle and it will rumble over Sentra-sized boulders just fine.

The tank on the left says “Gin” the one on the right says, “Tonic.” Watch the video and you’ll understand. Photo: TFLtruck

Despite its three-speed automatic transmission, it seemed happy to shift smoothly. The engine note is loud, but not racecar-loud. I did wind it up a little, but that was after the steering was gone and I only had a short distance to play.

The badge says it all. Photo: TFLtruck

All the details and technical minutia are in the video and you can click (here) for more written material as well.

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