Is China Catching Up? Here is the Latest on the Great Wall Motors new Pickup Truck

The Great Wall Pickup Truck. Looks familiar – no?
Photo: GWM

China’s Great Wall Motors (GWM) has been building pickup trucks for years. They are the largest builder of pickup trucks and SUVs in China and their vehicles are sold in many markets. The current model pickup truck, known as the Wingle 6, is a midsize pickup truck that’s about to be replaced.

Great Wall has been thin on details; however, these recent images along with a few tidbits about the next pickup truck are worth noting. While we could call it a Wingle 7, we are unsure whether Great Wall will use that name.

The next Great Wall’s pickup truck interior.
Photo: GWM

Here’s what we do know. There will be three different versions of the truck: a regular pickup truck, a passenger model (presumably four door), and an all-electric model. They note that it will be more sophisticated along with a multi-link rear end and, for the gas models, an available eight-speed automatic transmission.

The current Wingle 6 has a 2.0-litre diesel and an optional 2.4-litre petrol/gas engine available. We don’t know if there are new engines on the horizon. Considering how old those engines are, it’s reasonable to assume that replacements are on their way.

“As can be seen from the pictures, the interior design of Great Wall’s new passenger pickup is very luxurious. It is mostly wrapped in soft material and leather, completely overturning our perception of Chinese pickups. In particular, the leather seats and door inner trim panels are sewn into a diamond shape, making the vehicle more luxurious. ” – – GWM
Photos: GWM

Great Wall drew a ton of inspiration from Toyota with their front end design, and a lot of Ford at the rear. The interior photos look impressive. If the leather and metal surfaces feel (and are as well put together) as they look, it could be class leading.

The diamond shapes on the leather door panel along with the leather covered center surfaces dwarfs anything currently being produced by other midsize truck-makers. Time will tell if this is something that will see production.

Photo: GWM

The new product series of Great Wall Pickup will make its debut at the Shanghai International Automobile on April 16, 2019.

Speaking of midsize pickup trucks….

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