Rivian Patent Application Reveals More Details On A Bed-Mounted Auxiliary Battery Pack

This patent may offer Rivian a solution to range anxiety

Rivian Patent Application Reveals More Details On Its 400+ Mile Range Battery
The R1T truck was revealed at the 2018 LA Auto Show. [Photo: Rivian]

Rivian is taking a modular approach to its batteries.

Rivian is working on a modular battery system, according to a patent that recently surfaced on Rivian Forums. The patent, titled “Electric Vehicle with Modular Removable Auxiliary Battery with Integrated Cooling” plainly lays out the company’s intentions. The standard R1T truck has around 410 miles of advertised range. A removable battery pack may be installed in the bed for even greater range.

A diagram showing Rivian’s auxiliary battery system. [Photo: Rivian Automotive]

Rivian said about the battery: “The auxiliary battery module can be positioned in the cargo area while supplying power to the electric motor, and can be removable and reattachable from the electric vehicle.” What’s more, the auxiliary battery is contained within a module that uses the truck’s own cooling system.

After putting in or taking out the auxiliary battery module, the Rivian R1T will make the necessary adjustments to steering, suspension and braking performance along predetermined settings. The patent does not specifically mention how large the battery pack module is. The company also doesn’t mention in its application how much extra range you could get from such a battery pack.

If the Rivian R1T does manage 400 miles on the main battery’s charge, this could add on quite a bit more. 500 miles on a charge of both batteries could be within reach. However, we’ll have to wait and see how much more money this auxiliary battery would cost.

Rivian plans to bring the truck to market against the likes of Tesla and higher-end trucks, like GMC’s Denali line or fully-loaded Ford F-150s. An economy truck this is not, as the price may likely run from at least $70,000.

You can access the entire patent here. Rivian is also reportedly in talks with General Motors, and has gotten investment from Amazon to develop the R1T and future technologies.