Future Ram Dakota Midsize Truck? CEO Says the Company is Working on It (Report)

Ram TRX and new mid-size truck part of FCA's Five-Year Plan
(photo: TFLtruck.com)

Will we see a new Ram Dakota midsize truck? Will it be called the Dakota? Will it be a frame-based or unibody pickup truck? We still do not have many answers, but at least it sounds like Ram is working on it.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) CEO, Mike Manley, reportedly said the following during the company’s 2018 earnings call. “The only vehicle missing in our portfolio is metric ton pickup, which is midsize pickups in the U.S. I’m working hard with the team to try and solve that.

FCA and Ram have already provided guidance on the midsize pickup truck. It was part of the company’s 2022 plan. FCA did not provide the name or specifics for the new truck, but they said that it will be part of the lineup by 2022.

What are the obstacles that are preventing Ram from bringing a midsize truck to the market? Mike Manley did not provide any further detail on this.

There are some rumors that the future Ram midsize truck will be a unibody-based vehicle that will share platform with the likes of the Dodge Durango or Jeep Grand Cherokee. We have not been able to confirm or deny this rumor.